Oaziz DAO - Web3 events ecosystem


We’re Oaziz DAO – a team of blockchain and events sphere professionals with shared goals and values: bring Web3 to events and events to Web3. Oaziz DAO is a Web3 app designed for people to organize events, sell tickets and engage communities on a whole new level.


Oaziz DAO’s mission is to build “fertile” Web3 products and provide a new habitat for all users — decentralized, co-owned, and co-governed by them, instead of centralized corporations. Oaziz combines all the DAO advantages, such as scalability, sustainability, and profitability, with a traditional sphere that urges transformation due to recent difficulties. On the other hand, Oaziz DAO becomes one of the easiest ways to get into Web3 because every attendee that bought a ticket for an event becomes a member of the DAO and can act like one right after the purchase. Oaziz DAO is to conquer several of the main market problems:

  1. Events suffer from low community engagement, and expensive paid traffic organizers have to buy on Google and Facebook. After events end, organizers have to build engagement and (in the worst-case scenarios) the community from scratch, constantly investing in traffic and trying to make them profitable;
  2. As it’s hard to constantly engage communities, it’s harder to attract sponsors and ticket sales early on and maximize revenue and profit as a result;
  3. Current Web 2.0 event tools do not provide any opportunity for all parties involved to own, governor profit from events and communities they are part of;
  4. Current Web 2.0 event tools do not provide any opportunity to organize, manage and analyze event DAOs across different metaverses, as well as to browse and participate in them;


Introducing DAO to an event sphere is a dramatic change itself. With no division between all members and even possibilities for everyone, we clear the gap existing in centralized models. Extreme decentralization not only changes the revenue distribution mechanism (we’ll talk about it later) but also allows everyone to express themselves. So what are the main advantages of Oaziz DAO events compared to regular events?

  • Community engagement
  • NFT ticketing
  • Fair communications and relationships transparency
  • Decentralization and revenue protocols

Decentralization has shown great success in different crypto spheres but still remains a solution for a relatively narrow circle of people. Event space can become a comfortable threshold because the only thing you need to do is to buy a ticket. After that, you’re already a member of the DAO. We believe that Oaziz will become that comfortable ticket to a decentralized world for many, many people.


Like in most Web3 projects, the utility token is the heart and soul of Oaziz DAO. Mostly, it is used for simple actions:

· Attend to Earn

· Oaziz governance

· Action Rewards


For Oaziz development we use:

  • Node.js
  • React and Next.js
  • Typescript
  • React-bootstrap
  • Ethers.js
  • Solidity
  • IPFS for data storage and access

Goals with NEAR protocol:

· First Event DAO management ecosystem

· NFT ticketing on the NEAR blockchain

· Following NFT sales will be partly on NEAR. It will attract new users who could not buy into Ethereum and those who want to use NFT.

· NEAR would be an available currency to fund event DAOs.


Despite some issues provoked by COVID-19 and global tension in the world, the event industry can still be considered high-growth: experts foresee growth of $1,552.9 billion by 2028. Still, industry growth is limited by several problems that have pursued her for a long time, and ignorance of those problems is a solution in no case. Now we can see that they are just stashing and accumulating while the industry is still keeping the light thanks to immense cash influxes.

Oaziz DAO offers a set of tools and solutions the industry needs to overcome existing issues and take itself to a whole new level of event organizing approach.



Oaziz DAO team consists of industry veterans with vast and various experience. The core team is united by shared values and goals to make an event industry more democratic and open using Web3 tools and concepts.

For more detailed information visit https://oaziz.xyz