NPK GUILD(Nearprotocol Nigeria) January monthly report

Good day everyone, the month of January was a very interesting month as we have various improvement in our social media and our community, also our guild recently had two developers join it’s core team and the developers are currently looking into NEAR blockchain to know what can be built on it which will be beneficial to the Nigeria community as a whole.

In terms of Activities done in the month of January, we created several social media engagement which ran through different social media ranging from Facebook to to mostly YouTube and our present telegram group as increased to close to 200 followers.

Our telegram group also saw a recent growth which was close to 70% growth.

We had a webinar with another cryptocurrency community called Binance UNIUYO a student community fully involved in this cryptoshpere. This webinar was spearheaded by Muhammed Auwal and assisted by kardija Ibrahim and Paul Oguntola.

Our Guild also created lots of education Contents, which involved two articles which are currently trending when one search up NEAR Nigeria and also four translation to our major languages in Nigeria.

It was an eventful month as we are working towards fulfilling NEAR agenda for the year 2021. Also the team are currently meeting small startups in Nigeria to form partnerships and bring them to build on NEAR, also the developers currently on the team are currently putting things to host a workshop for the computer students of Bayero University kano in relation to using RUST and building on NEAR, we are really working on how this month and remaining of this year will be productive and how we would accomplish NEARPROTOCOL goals for 2021

Recordings of last month Activities are present in the file below


Its a good improvement indeed. You guys are great

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Meet the NPK Guild members as we had our last meeting to cap off the month of January and work towards the month of February, “Building on NEAR” was the theme of our activities for this month in line with objectives of the NEAR team at large.

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Well done, trusting for more better achievements…

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