Nearprotocol Nigeria (NPK GUILD) May Report

Good day all
The month of May was very productive has the guild had lots of internal talks to promote Nearprotocol in Africa especially Nigeria.
In the month of May the guild did 2 original Articles focusing on Dapps and NFTs, 3 translations in the common native languages including social media Activities with our community both on Twitter and telegram.

Currently we have finished Our proposal for a series of program we plan to reach out to as many Nigerians as possible onboarding both Artists and developers.

This is the summary of Last month Activities


This is great. NPK Guild keep on the good work👍


So happy to be part of such an amazing team

Nice work, looking forward to next month activities. Keep up the good work

Interesting… all I can see is a good guild putting on a nice work✌

This team made us to explore nearly all the Dapps on the Near Blockchain I must say there are so many amazing stuffs up there and looking forward to develop ours soon.
What a great team to work with. #seriousness meets #productivity.
#thefutureisNEAR #OpenWeb

Job done excellently…I’m in high anticipation for next months activities, because I Know it would be explosive

Hey @damboy22! I’ve been checking out NPK’s progress and am in awe of what you guys have been able to do so far. Please know that you’re reports are well read and that we’ll be reaching out to your Guild next week as we go through the rewards calculations. Let’s catch up soon! :spiral_calendar:

Hi council members, since there’s a duplicated submission, please make sure we are voting this one:

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