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GM Neariens :raised_back_of_hand:

While we wait for the NDC to go through the final steps of setup, the NFT Work Group is continuing our commitment to fostering community-centric innovations. We are excited to announce that, subject to successful approval of our grassroots funding by the NDC, NFT WG will onboarding a dedicated Technical Council to ensure the highest standards of technical excellence within our ecosystem.

The Technical Council will play a crucial role in shaping the future of NFT WG by taking on the following responsibilities:

Reviewing Technical Proposals: The council will thoroughly assess technical proposals submitted by project teams, ensuring they align with NEAR’s and NDC’s , and aiding positively impacting the KPIs set for the NFT WG.

Reviewing Technical Milestones: As part of our milestone-based grants program, the Technical Council will evaluate the technical progress of funded projects. This diligent review process helps maintain transparency, accountability, and the successful delivery of NFT innovations.

General Technical Advice: Serving as a knowledgeable resource, the Technical Council will provide valuable technical insights and guidance to the workgroup. Also, with the guidance of the technical council, NFT WG shall maintain a backlog of essential infrastructure enhancements and developments that benefit the entire NEAR NFT ecosystem.

Being a bridge between technical teams & resources and NFT WG: Acting as a bridge between the technical teams & resources and the NFT Workgroup. This will involve working closely with both teams to ensure that there is effective communication and collaboration between them.

Eligibility : Council members must have been actively involved in the NEAR ecosystem for at least the past year, contributing to the growth and development of NEAR ecosystem NFT infrastructure through their work with established teams. As NFT WG fostering a community-centric culture, we are looking for an individual who can thrive in diverse environments and work effectively with people of all knowledge levels.

Remuneration: The Technical Council will receive equal pay as the NFT Workgroup’s core contributors, subject to approval of NFT WG Grassroot funding.

How to Apply: You can respond to this post with your application until 12:00 PM Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) on November 5, 2023.Please mention your Telegram Username for us to get in touch.

Adding a Technical Council to the WG, we aim to provide an environment that nurtures innovation and encourage the creation of public goods. Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm for the NFT WG.

Update note: We are looking for Full Stack Engineer with expertise in Rust with a proven track record of delivering seamless products

Update note 2: Submissions are closed. Announcing Technical Council is subject to another update


Application for Technical Council Role in NFT Work Group Introduction: My name is Favour, and I’m known as Skytonet. I’m a passionate web3 enthusiast with a year of active involvement in the NEAR protocol ecosystem. During this time, I’ve had the privilege to work with the Freelancer DAO for several months, further deepening my commitment to the NEAR community and its goals.Commitment and Motivation: I am highly motivated to contribute to the NFT Work Group’s mission. My commitment lies in collaborating with like-minded individuals to nurture innovation and create public goods that benefit the NEAR NFT ecosystem. I’m dedicated to fostering a community-centric culture and working effectively with individuals of varying knowledge levels.Skills: My primary skill is writing. I have a knack for crafting insightful and informative threads, which can play a crucial role in explaining complex concepts, building community engagement, and driving interest in NFT-related projects. In addition, I possess a strong inclination for research and exploration, which allows me to stay updated on the latest developments and trends in the web3 and NFT space.Communication Skills: Effective communication is a cornerstone of my abilities. I excel at connecting with people from diverse backgrounds, ensuring that ideas and information flow smoothly within a team. This is vital for building strong collaborations and ensuring the success of any project.Telegram Username: You can reach out to me via Telegram using my username: @Skytone4.I look forward to the opportunity to contribute my skills, passion, and dedication to the NFT Work Group and the NEAR ecosystem. Thank you for considering my application.


Hello, its Plug! I am applying to the technical council of NFT WG after being asked by the current council. As a founder, developer, ecosystem practitioner in NEAR, I think I am the best fit for this role.

Relevant Experience

  • Ran the NEAR NFT Builder Group for 1+ years, rallying top NFT builders to innovate and push standards.
  • Founder of GenaDrop, open source multichain NFT toolkit
  • Experience shipping BOS components + tooling, gateways , curating libraries, hosted code reviews + NEAR Workshops.
  • Experience with communicating & working with with top stakeholders, DAO, Wallets, and Infrastructure teams on NEAR
  • Experience running 2+ years of hackathons & winning hackathons.
  • Experience with engineering and running dev teams
  • Experience designing and reviewing milestones for grants, bounties and proposal writing & technical architecture
  • Experience with building public goods infrastructure and mechanisms
  • Experience with recruiting + running teams, DAOs, and setting up OKRs and reporting structures
  • Experience with running decentralized developers communities especially with the founder of Minority Programmers in 2019
  • Graduated CS and CIS from school of business
  • Experience with teaching software engineering through DevRel, and as tutor & teaching assistant
  • Worked on other ecosystem and alignment with Ethereum ecosystem, partner of Enterprise Ethereum Alliance
  • 7+ years in crypto


  • As mentioned before I do not want direct pay. However, I do want to reallocate stipend to pay my team at Genadrop to build open source NFT infrastructure on NEAR, in which we will keep wg updated on a weekly basis through our regular calls.

What I will do

  • Build NFT innovation and infrastructure
  • Create a builder environment to build open source NFT public goods
  • Reallocate my stipend to cost effective builders in the ecosystem
  • Review proposals, advise teams to improve proposals, and review milestones
  • Communicate with builders and founders in the NEAR ecosystem and turn NFT WG to touch point of NFTs in the ecosystem
  • Compile related technical documentation related to NFTs
  • Look towards paths for NFT WG to create revenue
  • Find other suitable technical council & candidates to join team / provide advisory role after we prove our success as a DAO
  • Help aid with formal membership process and ops

Supported bro… you are one of the ecosystem :gem:


With the approval of all Core Contributors, we would like to announce that Shot from @minorityprogrammers joinsNFT Work Group as Technical Council!

:handshake: Why Shot?

Proven commitment to public goods and refusal of direct remuneration.

Visionary builder environment advocate, driving innovation and open source development.

:hammer_and_wrench: Collaboration Confidence:
Shot will have following key responsibilities: reviewing proposals, assessing technical milestones, offering expert advice, bridging communication between technical teams and the Work Group, and maintaining a backlog of vital infrastructure enhancements. His commitment to fostering innovation and community-driven projects aligns seamlessly with NFT WG’s goals.

:link: Official Nomination

:link: Core Contributor Vote

We are looking forward to nurture NFT innovations on Near with Plug’s tech expertise! :globe_with_meridians:


Hello! We sincerely appreciate your nomination and the support you’ve shown. However, for this particular role, we needed to select a candidate with a technical or development background. We hope to see your continued interest in the future and look forward to collaborating in other areas where your expertise aligns with NFT Working Group’s . :pray:

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