[Self-Nomination] NFT WG Election

I am Tej, a Computer Science Engineering graduate who has been working in Banking and Insurance Tech for nine years. I lead development teams building technical solutions to automate pain points in business processes. I bring the same expertise to Web3.

My contributions to NEAR NFT Ecosystem:

In February 2022, I founded Nearverse Labs, an innovative web3 startup specializing in solving overlooked problems and developing solutions that automate and streamline labor-intensive processes for web3 projects and businesses. My team and I have successfully crafted two crucial DApps for the Near NFT Space:

Vulcan Whitelist Management Platform: Our user-friendly platform empowers NFT projects to manage their whitelists effortlessly. NFT traders can claim their whitelists of any listed project by connecting their Near Wallet and Discord.

Unison Platform for Automated Whitelist Management: Unison automates the often cumbersome collaboration management process for NFT/DeFi projects. It is chain agnostic, and any Discord Admin can utilize the power of the platform’s automation features.

  • The Vulcan platform to this date has 3500+ registered wallets
  • Cumulatively these DApps have been serving 40+ Near NFT and DeFi Projects
  • Both these Apps are free to use for Projects building on Near.

Community Building: I spearheaded the NFT project “RocketBois NFT” to rally and onboard members from various blockchains. Our Discord community has flourished, boasting a remarkable 6,500+ members on Discord at its peak.

Furthermore, RocketBois achieved the highest number of sign-ups so far for IAm Human among Near NFT Projects.

a. What does the NEAR NFT ecosystem mean to you?

I have been in various crypto communities for over three years. Still, I only felt comfortable sharing personal details like my name and ethnicity when I found Near NFTs in early 2022. It is incredible how non-judgmental and welcoming an entire ecosystem is.

b. How will you revitalize the NEAR NFT scene in the short and long term?

As much as I wish for the activity levels in NEAR NFTs to reach the levels of the last bull run, we must remain realistic in setting our goals. It is better to align ourselves closer to the NEAR’s core goals than trying to attract a “degen” crowd. We must use the protocol’s developer-friendly nature and build innovative, non-redundant DApps. We can market these DApps to attract users.

c. How much time commitment can you make for the NFT WG?

I am committed to dedicating the required time and adjusting my schedule. I am an owl, anyway!

d. What is some conflict of interest if you get the role?

My team and I at Nearverse Labs are actively building DApps that aid NFT projects. I will not involve myself in decision-making on potential funding requests by Team Nearverse Labs.

NFTs are an exceptional catalyst for crypto adoption, and the NEAR NFT scene needs revitalization. The NFT Workgroup might be the push that it needs. I am eager to contribute my bit to making Near NFTs great again!


Tej (aka Punter)


This guy is a true builders!
I can’t see why not be one of the contributors!