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My name is Shane Stoll and I currently serve as the Deputy Director of Partnerships for the NFT San Francisco Conference. A group of local organizers have kickstarted planning to facilitate the first-ever NFT San Francisco Conference on October 30-31st at Pier 35 & Pier 27. I am currently reaching out to Near to see if they would be interested in sponsoring and speaking at the NFT San Francisco Conference.

We have been reaching out to Near via Twitter and Linkedin for a while. However, we haven’t heard back. We recently came across this forum and we would love to see if we are able to connect with Near team to see if they would like to speak at the conference and become involved in sponsoring this event.

Being a sponsor would allow Near to have the opportunity to receive a career fair booth and promote themselves via merchandise, printed materials, etc depending on the sponsorship packages. You can come them here:

Sponsorship Page

Some of the speaker opportunities that we are wondering if Near would be interested in includes the following:

-Career Climbing Pathways/Success Stories

-How to develop NFT’s on Near

-The History & Future of NFTs on Near Protocol

In case your team is wondering who else is speaking or other information, you can also come across such information here:

Please note that if you do provide funding or interest, please respond directly on this forum so that my team members are also aware of the status as well.


I guess for the event sponsorship, you can put a proposal in #marketing:marketingdao category and explain the reach and benefits for NEAR in the proposal.

Or you can interact with @community-team to talk about official speaker from NEAR in the event :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello Shane! Thanks for posting and welcome to the NEAR Forum.
(Thanks @rahulgoel007 for the tag.)

In the current market conditions we’re not looking wholescale at event sponsorships generally unless it’s in support of a NEAR Community or Ecosystem partner leading the sponsorship opportunity. And even then there has to be a strong rationale and proposal created.

Tagging known NFT community advocates and leaders & creative community connectors to see if this is an opportunity they would like to further explore, especially if they’re already based in the San Francisco area/U.S.: @starpause @iotachan @Samtoshi_F_Baby @naveen_in @creativesdao-council @Mintbase @riqi
Feel free to tag others I may have missed who could be interested.
If there is anyone who would like to lead this activation and all that that entails, feel free to comment here and tag me.

I won’t speak for the Marketing DAO (cc: @marketingdao-council) but generally what is required is a full proposal for the activation and how it will bring value to the NEAR ecosystem. Generally this requires the proposer being someone already in the Community who is looking to engage a new or existing segment of the NEAR Community through the event/activation.

Hope this helps.


Thank you @rahulgoel007 your response is much appreciated.

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Thank you so much @mecsbecs your advice is well found and greatly valued. I will be doing as you’ve suggested. Thanks again!

Hi Shanes!
Please check your DM for my contact details.
Let’s connect and discuss the possibilities to get more visibility.

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