[Approved] NEARxPublish SDNFT Con Partnership

April 9th & 10th, 2022

San Diego, CA

NEARxPublish (NxP) has met with the team at San Diego NFT CON 2022, and are currently in talks to co-sponsor the 2-day event happening in April. We imagine an amazing outreach experience promoting NFT Creators, the NEAR Ecosystem and Guilds, as well as NxPs goals and capabilities. Of course, NEAR Artists and discussions involved therein will be promoted by NxP, as well as other guilds/platforms such as Paras, and Astro DAO. We aspire to invite artists from projects like Mr. Brown, and NEAR heavyweights like @starpause and Croncats

We’ve taken the next step and introduced the SD NFT CON organizers to @mecsbecs and @chronear from the NEAR Foundation, and they have guided us on the best approach to secure funding through the DAOs.

NxP is interested in providing on-site assistance not only with the overall event support and production, but also facilitating NEAR artists, guilds, and platforms who may participate as well.

NxP is looking to: 1) secure a booth at SD NFT CON; 2) assist the CON organizers with event printing costs and provide event printing materials as a good-in-kind as part of a sponsorship agreement; and 3) partner with the CON organizers to include NEAR NFT leaders onto their panels and other events.

1. & 2) For the booth presence and printing services:

A sample of products and services we will be providing will be both marketing materials and booth elements include:


  • 8’ x 4’ - $105
  • 10’ x 5’ - $160
  • 12’ x 5’ - $280
  • 15’ x 4’ - $320


  • 10 foot wall - $420
  • 20 foot fabric display - $875
  • 20 foot fabric display with podium - $1600

Table skirt

  • 6 foot - $95 (145 for 2)
  • 8 foot - $105 (165 for 2)

Pop-up 2(s)

  • 24” x 74” - $121
  • 36” x 80” - $161

Flyers (500)

  • 4” x 6” - $95
  • Half Page - $145


  • 2” x 2” (Sets of 200) - $90
  • 4” x 4” (sets of 200) - $150

The event has tiered packages for table/floor space, and we have prepared specific offerings featuring a variety of custom printed items, marketing materials, and swag bag merch. Please reach out to us for more information on those packages and pricing.

For marketing purposes, anything we print we plan to put the NxP and the NEAR logo on unless requested not to for content purposes.

3) Programming Slots - looking for NEAR NFT ambassadors to join SDNFTCON panels!

We are actively looking for participants to fill a slate of discussion panels with NEAR and NEAR NFT artists and experts, as well as create panels fully representing the NEAR Ecosystem across various skill sets.

Panels that need speakers

  • Environmental Panel

  • Artists Panel

  • Gaming Panel

  • Marketing Panel

  • Entertainment Panel

  • Metaverse

Current suggestions

  • Jordan Gray & @iotachan (TenKBay, NEARchan, curating NFTs, the business of NFTs, NFT communities in China)

  • Sammy Flores (the future of NFT comics)

  • @jefedeoro from NEARHub (metaverse)

  • @sashahudzilin or Vlad from Human Guild (gaming + NFTs and industry trends)

  • @vandal from NxM/DAORecords (Music NFTs)

  • @riqi and @afiqshofy from Paras (NFT staking and Paras marketplace)

  • @JackMcDermott from Nifty Comedians (Comedy NFTs)

  • Hrvoje from Endemic (NFT marketplace on Aurora)

We’d appreciate all input, support, and opportunities to foster alliances with other guilds to demonstrate a strong presence, while reaching non-NEAR entities for mutual benefit. NxP envisions on-site NEAR Drops, QR-coded materials, giveaways, swag bag items, as much as can possibly be brought to bear.

After a discussion with the SDNFTCON organizer, they are willing to adapt their sponsorship tiers in order to accommodate the above - especially the printing service - for USD $15K.

This is an excellent opportunity for the NEAR NFT Community to have a presence at this new event anticipating welcoming approximately 900 attendees across 3 venues with art auctions, networking, workshops, and investor meet-ups.

The organizing team also strongly believes in the value of building events by community for community with bridge-building, innovation, and inclusion in mind, so this promises to be an incredible partnership with great value alignment and connection-building cross-chain for NEARxPublish and NEAR.

For anyone interested in participating please reach out to us at nearxpublish@gmail.com by March 11th so we can coordinate and provide options and packages for you to be a part of SDNFTCon.

Look forward to hearing all feedback,

Thank you

The NEARxPublish Team


I wish I was going to see it in person!


I’ll be there! I’ll be at the NxP Booth… excited to see big NEAR representation at this one!


This representation would be so groundbreaking for the NEAR ecosystem!! What a wonderful way to network, with not only comic and art fans, but people who love to collect!!! Very exciting! :star_struck: :100: :heart: :grinning:


Ahh this is just so cool! Wish I was stateside, I’d be there like a rat up a drainpipe! Best of luck with it!


Going to do the whole NEAR Creative Community proud!! :star_struck:


:thinking: How can I be involved in this? :fire:


Are you in the San Diego area? Maybe you can help out at event


I’ll reach out to you soon :slight_smile:


I’m not, opposite coast actually :thinking:

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Hey @Samtoshi_F_Baby ,

I am the co-founder of Naksh - an NFT Marketplace on Near, we recently launched our platform, and are looking to participate in SDNFT as well.
We have spoken to the organisers as well about sponsorship for a booth for Naksh.
Looks like we can common synergies, DMing you to discuss this further and see how we can collaborate.



Have read what you outlined and would really like to see a NEAR presence at this event, as well as many other upcoming conferences. These are so important for growing connections in the ecosystem. You definitely have my support for this initiative.


Hi @Samtoshi_F_Baby thanks for submitting what looks like a great proposal. This event seems like a good opportunity for the NEAR NFT community to come together IRL.

Tagging the @marketingdao-council for more visibility.


Good evening. I support it. Have a great day!


Moving this to Approved