NFT Events Calendar | Reward Opportunity

Hi All!

We have integrated the events section on our website based on the problem statement and proposed solution we are implementing.

Problem Statement

Right now in our NFT communities, we can witness events on metaverse, twitter space, youtube, and discord group, etc.

Proposed Solution

We need a single group or a web link from where we can connect with all of these events. To do so we have integrated an event calendar on our website from where all the upcoming events can be tracked and the possibility of engagement in these events will increase.



  • To make sure we can cover all the upcoming events. Anyone who contributes to filling out the event form prior to the schedule of the event is going to be rewarded with $3 for each submission.
  • In case we find multiple entries for the same event, the submission with the detailed event description is going to be considered for the reward.

Submission Form: User Submitted Events

While filling up the form the user has to share their near wallet id for the rewards in the private notes section.


The rewards for sharing the event details that we share from the calendar will be released at the end of the month.