[New Process] Community Payouts

True, Kyc’ed guilds/community builders will have to go through all process and have to take responsibility and distribute funds to subcontractors from their personal accounts. and This new system may lead to the emergence of more centralized structures rather than encouraging new members to join our community and actively propose innovative ideas and ask funding for them.

@Community-Squad @marketingdao-council Am I the only one who has concerns about this issue?


Guilds and DAOs will not receive funding from the NEAR Foundation, unless they are registered entities (which 99% aren’t).

If an entity is distributing funds to others, they need to be performing KYC and abiding by the legal and regulatory restrictions in their relevant jurisdiction.

Let’s not forget that this is stage 1 of the new funding process, we’re still very early stage so do experience teething issues. In that regard, we should also expect the process to grow and improve and, ultimately, be more streamlined and accessible for all.


Yes, the process is short but there is quite a number of people trying to get their card at the various registration centres at the moment, so it can take 5-8 days(estimate) and even more

Hello David, that’s for sure…

I will recommend Guild Leaders and DAO councils to check otoco.io, you can create an LLC on the spot and it will cost you mostly ETH fees…

Also, they are open to receive a proposal from us (NEAR Community) I already ask them. So if our lawyers have any suggestion will be awesome, I will like to see a dapp on NEAR to connect with them too.

Here you can find an example, there is the PDF and a pic:


Hello Rebecca :vulcan_salute:

As you know, I am very greatful with you and your support, you help me on my first steps and make my squad welcome in the community. Big hug :blush:

I want to be clear on my opinion :cowboy_hat_face::

  1. I agree with the new process because KYCs are necessary for all members that want to receive funding from the NF. Also love the tiering system, we will create badges as well :1st_place_medal:
    So, thank you :100: for this very needed step. This will avoid bad actors.

Also, I know that asking for a legal entity will protect us all from legal issues, so that’s a good advance, maybe the #cypherpunk-guild we could work out another solution, because we should be able to avoid legal issues in other ways, like if we contribute first and ask for a refund, then the process could be different.

  1. I agree with @satojandro in that the process is still complicated, I know this is step by step, but things had to be said, I myself as a Guild Leader, founded NEAR VENEZUELA and the core team has not received any reward from the guild activities, and it seems it will still be hard, even with proven contributions. But they won’t stop for that, no worries, they are true believers in this tech and community, and we are working also to be self-sustainable with several dapp projects and the crypto beer community company :beers:.
  1. And I agree with @KriptoRaptor about the payments for some of the members on the community, maybe we can have some metrics to reward some members with a fixed amount of NEAR, hehe let’s keep the fun with the crypto. This will encourage everyone because we will all be rewarded by the price increase :rocket: ( I am saving and staking on Metapool so I am already receiving some reward hehe, but I mean for the contributions to the community )
  1. An with @Vladislav_vl25 I agree too, we need specific deadlines for councils to review

Again, thank you for your hard work ! Cool video, see you friday :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I meant individuals who represent Guilds.

you’re right. I just wanted to share my concerns :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hey @mecsbecs how are you? :slight_smile:
We are having a little issue with Incubadora :grimacing: I already sent an e-mail about it to community@near.foundation

Today I received the e-mail informing the next step to KYC using Onfido. When I clicked the link, it was not my name that appeared there , it was @frnvpr one instead. We are sharing the same IP and we think it might be the ‘problem’.
He KYC’d some days ago due to a Near Fellowship program. I am trying to do it for Incubadora DAO now…

Do you know perhaps how can I solve this?
thanks! :heart_decoration:


Since the 10% drop mostly occur every month after payment, that might be caused by much sales of near after bounty payment and this do affect the projects that were to be funded.

I suggest if the payment can be made in stables and if it should be a must to pay in Near, then I think it’ll be fair if the affected guild can request for around 10% extra payment.

Even if we were to wait till near pumps back, there are some projects that needs to be funded earlier and this will affect the total budget for the month.

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Hi @bgem - some Guilds approach drops in $NEAR value in the way you’ve just outlined, but others - and what we’re advocating for here - check in on the value of $NEAR as they’re going through the payout process, and if it has dropped 10% or more, request an amendment in the payout value on the Astro DAO poll. You can now comment on polls on Astro (as I mention in the Loom walk-through) so the Council will be able to see your request at the time of voting.

Including a 10% buffer into the proposal may be something certain DAO Councils go for or not, you would need to check with them individually and go through their funding guides.


Hey hey :wave:
I have a little mix up with the new payout process. The KYC has failed twice;it rejected the document attached. Prompted use of passport hence the government’s issued ID wasn’t accepted
What can I do ? my passport won’t be ready till a month or more. Would appreciate if anything else would suffice

GM, responded here

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Hey @Purpledots ! Responded to you in the email thread we had going about this.

(Also it looked like you were trying to attach an identification document to your earlier comment here - please don’t share government IDs or any form of ID publicly for your own protection!)

@mecsbecs ,
thank you for your concern
I wouldn’t attach such form publicly, I have now responded to your mail.
Kind regards.

Hello! Knowing that these are always a work in progress, I would live to make a proposal, based on the feedback of the Moderators of the Creatives DAO:

  • If possible, leaving the conversion from $ to N to the responsibilty of NF (to be done ‘as late as possible’ in the payout process) would solve many issues the community is having. Since communities already ask their funds in $, we feel it should be NF the responsible for the conversion.

Thank you and keep up the good work, we know everyone is doing their best to create better processes :pray:


Hi @frnvpr thank you for your comment. I will take this back to NEAR Finance for discussion.


Thank you so much :robot: :man_surfing:

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