[New Process] Community Payouts

Hello all, please note that the above post has been EDITED as of today with a key distinction based on this item raised by @frnvpr among others.

NEAR Foundation Finance will perform the conversion from USD to $NEAR before executing payment. The individual proposer and DAO Council members are no longer responsible for ensuring the payout amount is accurately converted to the $NEAR payout value throughout the proposal and poll voting stages.

This also means that it will no longer be appropriate to include a 10% buffer to the payout amount in order to try and offset token volatility.

I also have assurance that the ability to process payouts in nDAI, nUSDO, and nUSDT is also on the immediate horizon for Community payouts, so diversified wrapped and stablecoin payout options will be available at last.

Thank you for your continued suggestions and feedback!


Thank you NF for your quick response to the community experiences! :tada:


Awesome, thank you, this will help the community a lot!


Great news, thanks @mecsbecs !


Kudos to the team for taking most of the community feedback at heart and proffering solutions for the new payout process(es). You’re doing an awesome job, @mecsbecs. Hoping you don’t take your foot off the gas just yet :wink:


An average Nigerian doesn’t think about an international passport, and or a drivers licence first.

What is easy to access is a vote card, and NIN slip (though it has a card version of it with bar code)

Only who has a car thinks of a drivers licence, and who has a sure hope of traveling out of the country thinks about an international passport :grin:.

I don’t know how this is made hence such that an average Nigerian can’t make ground contributions to the NEAR ecosystem that requires funding

Can’t anything be done about this?


Hi @IgbozeIsrael - appreciate your concerns and we are working with the Onfido team to arrive at a sustainable solution but, as you know, we are using another service provider as a stopgap solution for those from Nigeria and India (and other regions as we encounter them) who are unable to pass the KYC offered through Onfido but do have valid government-issued identification.

Open to suggestions from other KYC providers through our ongoing research as well that folks can DM to me or post here!

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It’s awesome what you are doing. We hope that the situation gets smooth with time.

Wasn’t it +$10k?
Did you change the upper limit?

Before this post there has never been an articulated upper limit for proposals here on the Forum. We created this ceiling to allow for unique cases over the standard USD$5K proposal limit, as enforced by the Marketing and Creatives DAOs and their funding guides, who perhaps aren’t yet ready in their roadmap or planning to proceed to a formal grant from NF Funding.

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My proposal has been approved on Astro for a while now, but I haven’t received any update or funds for the project is there something I am supposed to do?

Thank you.


That’s a transfer request from the DAO to your wallet

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Sorry that was a wrong link. I was going to report funding for starting Near Book Club

I have corrected the link. Thank you.

So that proposal was rejected by the MarketingDAO so wouldn’t be eligible for receiving funding


I’m so sorry for the stress. :person_facepalming: I don’t know why I keep pasting the wrong link.
I have finally posted the right link.
Thank you.

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Have you filled out the form?

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