[New Open Call] HypeDAO Art Show in Oakland California June 14-15

HypeDAO is hosting an art show June 14-15, 2024 (coincidentally on my birthday)

There will be three projectors showing art and music NFTs from NEAR and HypeDAO’s collection.

Friday night will be open gallery and we are looking for live music, DJs, live performances of any kind from anywhere in the world to livestream into the Oakland gallery. I want to start organizing this now so if you have an idea please contact me (@ kodandii on telegream) Other DAOs please get in touch and let’s show what you do!

Saturday morning will be artist interviews and talks like we used to do in Twitter Spaces, and I can open the gallery if anyone wants to be there in person but I expect this will be online only. More details on this schedule coming in June.

We are paying for this out of our existing treasury and will also be collecting new art live during the gallery show.

If you are local to Oakland, California please plan to be at the Never Famous Art Collective Gallery at 5701 Telegraph Ave!!!


Great…thanks for taking the lead on it.

I’ll definitely be submitting :+1: