[REPORT] HypeDAO returns for 2024 - New Mission, Vision, Activities

As we all know, things have changed a lot in the past year and a half, and HypeDAO is changing to adapt to the current zeitgeist.

Originally HypeDAO worked to get people excited and involved in NFTs, and we were quite successful in engaging the community, supporting artists, selling art and onboarding to the NEAR blockchain.

In the spirit of these original ideals, HypeDAO is moving to a hybrid model. We will engage people through events hosted on location in Oakland California and connected across borders with online tools. We have some start-up funding remaining in our treasury and we have access to an art gallery space. We want people to feel that NFTs are still fun, creative, useful and exciting.

Going forward, HypeDAO will be collaborating with established DAOs and curating individual artists to present YOUR work/projects/art/music/poetry/workshops in the Oakland California gallery space, in online gallery space, through live-streaming, and other online tools as needed. HypeDAO wants to bring international artists to the local California audience and develop artist relationships across political and social borders.

Crossing social and political borders is what blockchain technology does best, and has been a key component of the community since the beginning of Bitcoin. This is the fundamental vision and mission of HypeDAO. We will promote blockchain technology as a way to learn about and interact with global cultures, support diversity, share resources, and network with art community we might never otherwise encounter. We believe that this will impact personal and community creative growth, and also increase world peace.

HypeDAO is committed to staying on NEAR and using the developing technology in creative ways, but also expects to collaborate cross-chain as a part of our growth and onboarding goals.

Deliverables will include: numbers of events hosted, number of visitors/viewers and people onboarded to NEAR, numbers of artists connected and featured.

We need: leadership from the local and global community. If you are excited by these changes happening in HypeDAO we are looking for council members to help with coordinating international online events, and also people that can help with event production in California.