NEARMUN: 2nd Report [Date: 16th Jan to 17th Jan 2022]

Hi Community

Hope everyone is all well

By virtue of our previous post (which you can see here), I attach a new report approved by all NEARMUN members to be carried out monthly and avoid uploading content to the essential work and progress reports on the project.

Without further ado, the following information is public and of interest to all parties involved. That’s being said, we attached what has been done:

New updates

  • We will hold the project in a two days journey on the installations of the Municipal Library of Los Palos Grandes in Chacao (Caracas). It is one of the libraries in eastern Caracas with more activities that promote reading events with more than 10,000 titles within its different spaces. The First NEAR Model of United Nations - Venezuela Edition will execute in the following spaces:
  • Computer Hall
  • Young Hall
  • Meeting Room
  • Chacao Ludic Library
  • Álvaro Sotillo Space

Those spaces are where the different committees will take place which was achieved thanks to our new Chief of Cultural Activities Rafael Melo that joined the team in order to promote the different cultural approaches that NEARMUN has and where we can gain cultural exchanges.

Also, we will count on a jazzband to give a chill-good vibe to the educational environment

  • The NEAR Model of United Nations date has been moved to March 19th, 2022. Aiming to improve not just the academic area, but also the spaces where we will be carrying it out. So for that reason, we will deliver the NEARMUN in two editions in different locations simultaneously: the Audioplace Academy of Engineering, the Washington Academy, and the Audiovisual University of Caracas within their facilities.

  • Also, we have decided to link two (2) different activities (both contributing to constructive education and looking to encourage critical thinking, academic development, and healthy discussion). This is why on March 12, we will perform a cultural event that will be carried out in the Library of Los Palos Grandes of the Chacao Municipality. This event was designed in order to create a merger between a community of people who are not familiar with Models of the United Nations and the youth that has been participating in these types of debates since a few years ago

  • The Cultural Event will be led by the Cultural Director (Rafael Melo) with the protocolar team with the support of the Secretary of Culture of the municipality, that basically, performs as a foundation icon of cultural and tourist management, which allows citizens to live in a friendly way the possible Caracas from the Chacao Municipality.

  • About the NEAR Model of United Nations, teenagers and young adults will have the opportunity to participate in one of the five different committees that we will be offering, whether they are online or in the academic establishment.

  • The five committees are U.N Environment Program (UNEP), World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), World Trade Organization (WTO), U.N General Assembly (GA), E.U Economic and Financial Committee (ECOFIN). And they will develop in Spanish and one of them in English.

  • Considering the situations with COVID 19, the opening and closing events will be online and they will be registered on social media (Instagram). That way, people all over the world can watch the event, and also, we can take care of our team and the participants of the NEAR Model of United Nations.


  • The main purpose of the NEAR Model of United Nations is to prepare the new generations for the future; that way, our primary goal is to provide students interested in exploring the difficulties and complexities of blockchain technology and its repercussion in the different fields of international affairs, such as climate change, negotiation, finances, and global governance.
    Our committees are designed to enable delegates to arrive at a comprehensive and pragmatic solution to each one of the topics. So, we expect solutions to be reached in every committee as a demonstration that the youth is evolving at the same time that the world as we know it. That being said, we are hoping that the process of formulating solutions will be registered in a draft resolution paper that will reveal the difficulties and complexities of international affairs in a world that is evolving right in front of us. That way, the document will be sent to our allies in the United Nations Blockchain and Crypto Committee and in the World Economic Forum, aiming to promote future blockchain-based solutions.

  • We are expecting to onboard and educate new delegates of 4 countries to our online modality. Those countries are Mexico, DR, Perú, Argentina, and Ecuador. They will participate in the online committee as journalists of local mass media (El Comercio in Perú, El Mercurio in Ecuador, La Voz Interior in Argentina, etc)

  • Also, as spectators, the principals for the international high schools for the German Highschool in Caracas (Humboldt School) will be accompanying us in the two editions.

  • We expect to onboard more than +70 new users to the NEAR ecosystem in about just the two editions of the NEARMUN in Venezuela.

  • International teachers for important universities of LATAM and Europe will be part of the Board of Advisors and will build the necessary pillars to attend those projections, solutions, and proposals generated in the committee’s draft resolutions. Those teachers are from important universities such as Eduardo Franco from the CEJAPIM (Israel), Jesus Roberto from the CEU San Pablo (Spain), Andres Zaera for the Complutense University (Spain), Johny Gom from UofAmsterdam (Netherlands), etc.

  • We are approaching our partnerships and scope of action near to the international and governmental institutions in order to continue to allineate our objectives and goals within the principles and call

Social Media/Networks Metrics

The excellent and well-done work made by the @aenc19 as our expert in Digital Marketing, Digital Ads, and Social Media-Networks. An enthusiast for everything related to e-commerce and online marketing give us good results:

  • We closed a deal with Dreamy Venezuela: a company that is dedicated to the sale of clothing and apparel for events (we will be dressed by them! YEAP)
  • Got the partnership with the INNOVO Ad Company as it’s a great digital marketing company that will be involved in the NEAR Ecosystem.

That’s being said, the following metrics shows the rise of followers, the approach of new users regarding the content that we created into the social media, and also the interaction between them

Metrics of Instagram: @nearmun

  • Accounts Reached: 241 more counts reached.
  • Audience Reached by Cities: Caracas-Venezuela (34%), Santiago - Chile (2,5%), Valencia- Venezuela (2,3%) and Maracaibo-Venezuela (2,3%)
  • Followers and non-followers: 107 new followers + 134 non-followers. This means the interaction of the people that indeed felt interested in our content but doesn’t finish following us.
  • Content Scope: 213 followers interested in our post and publications. 85 followers interested in the content of our stories.
  • Main Posts: Check it here
  • Impressions: 1.197 views and engagement, more than %24.6
  • Main Countries by our Audience Reached: Venezuela (52.1%), Spain (6.9%), USA (5.7.%), and Colombia (3.4%)
  • Main Age Rates by our Audience Reached: A mix of people from 25 to 34 (37.7%) to 18-24 (33.7%)
  • Main Genders reached: More men than women but still balanced

Metrics of Twitter: @NearMun


By this, we will post a third and last report regarding the 1st NEARMUN Venezuela Edition on both dates and we will work very hard to achieve more than our goals in order to expand our approach to success. Sounds nice? Hope so

Luis Aponte :goat: :rocket:



Hey there ! Nice to see your reports :wink:

Remember to tag your post with #near-venezuela :vulcan_salute:

Do you have a date for this educational event ?

Would be a good topic to discuss/add how new governance using DAOs could help to avoid conflicts ? Or you have it on the scope ? I am thinking about this at loud because of Ukraine.

Check this awesome initiative to help Ukraine using AstroDAO:

AstroDAO from Unchain Fund

I am very happy to attach to this important and professional report that @LuisAponte99 has made; the class on United Nations Models that the children of Peru have received with the supervision of the lawyer @laabogadorosa (Login • Instagram) who will represent different media on behalf of the Republic of Peru and the Fundation “La Facultad” (Login • Instagram) in “The Committee of the World Organization of Trade” :star_struck: :star_struck:


Definitely this project is shaping up more beautiful every day, it is seen how children and young people from other countries were integrated into the education and training that NEAR offers to the world… :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


The Models United Nations (MUN) can be defined as a simulation or representation of the United Nations System in which middle school, high school or university students participate. This united nations model is destined to be a total success, as it has had in its formation a team of dedicated, responsible and organized people who have managed to make the best of every situation to provide an unforgettable educational experience.
@medicenmariale @Nicolasp2 @LuisAponte99

Thank you Luis @LuisAponte99 for explaining in such detail the work that we have been developing with so much affection, motivating education, breaking the barriers of distance and reaching with such an important topic for today and for the future not only in Venezuela, but also to the countries that will participate with us in the best model!

I’m very glad to have coincided with people who have nurtured my professional and academic life in this way, I have no words to thank you for all that I have learned during this period of time, I hope to continue learning from you guys, @Nicolasp2 @LuisAponte99 , who are great figures of knowledge and dedication. Thank you for your trust and for allowing me to be part of this incomparable team! :rocket:

We’re cooming very soon, I can’t wait!! #NearMun2022


What a lovely guys I know they will live up to our model. I’m so proud of how much we have expanded. :star_struck: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi @Nicolasp2

I’m happy that you are onboarding new users/delegates/partners into the community and the ecosystem.

I’ve had great feedback for the Lawyer Genesis in Peru. I know she has made a great effort to empower women and children in Lima and its surroundings.

Luis Aponte :rocket: :goat:


Happy to share the experiences with you.
Ready for NEAR Spain? Better call @antoniopeascanio hehehe cheers

Luis Aponte :rocket:


We are delighted with the responsible and commitment work with the project and with us that you have done.

You are one of the jewels of this. Thanks in advance for EVERYTHING

Luis Aponte :rocket: :goat:


It is amazing how this project has grown day after day :books: :exploding_head: Recently, we even had the chance to offer our 1st Press Conference in the facilities of the Washington Academy, one of the most prestigious high schools in Caracas, related to the importance of Blockchain technology in the different fields of International Affairs, including international trading, human rights, global governance and sustainability. All of this, aiming to improve young generations knowledge about these topics, so they can relate this information to the current situations developing all around the world. You can see it in the following video attached here.


My role in this project is the area of Digital Marketing and social media.

Social networks play an extremely important role today to attract external attention and create links with people from different countries interested in the subject.

We have developed a marketing strategy with attractive designs, consistent wording in the content grid and attraction of followers with Instagram ads (ADS).

I attached images of our Instagram, Twitter and Telegram profiles where we have been working for approximately a month and a half.

The telegram group is temporarily closed because we have minors of age (childs) with their respective representatives and delegations.


Complacida de formar parte de este proyecto desde Perú, es realmente gratificante que se realicen iniciativas en pro al bienestar del presente y el futuro de nuestros jóvenes que al final son quienes tienen la enorme tarea de contribuir con el desarrollo de nuestras sociedades y convertirlas en sociedades mejores para nuestro mundo :earth_americas: :heart:
@Nicolasp2 @LuisAponte99


Estoy gratamente impresionada al leer todo el trabajo realizado por NEARMUN, tuve la oportunidad de conocer la Biblioteca Municipal de los Palos Grandes y es un lugar que realmente invita a soñar, por eso es muy valioso que este tipo de espacios sean aprovechados, más aún cuando se trata de incentivar a los jóvenes a ser participes del cambio positivo para la sociedad. También es maravilloso el trabajo que ha venido desarrollando el equipo de NEARMUN y que se ve reflejado en este informe.
¡Aplaudo este proyecto! ¡Espero que se pueda seguir replicando! ¡Todo mi animo y apoyo!


Estamos muy contentos de contar con tu apoyo en este proyecto en base a tu conocimiento y experiencia tanto en Venezuela como en Perú. Muy emocionados de tener a tan excelente personalidad en el área legal asesorandonos día a día. @laabogadorosa