NEARMUN: 1st Report [Date: 3rd to 16th Jan 2022]

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The following report includes the first 2 workweeks of NEARMUN:


We successfully delivered the tasks, responsibilities, and assignments added in the roadmap shared in the last post. (screenshot below)


1- Email Address: —> The mail address is subject to the corresponding location to be executed the Model of United Nations. As this first edition is in Venezuela, we include the abbreviation of the initials.

2- General Regulations of NEARMUN (Rules of Procedure): Please check here —>NEARMUN REGLAMENTO INTERNO.pdf (303.9 KB)

3- Committees: The following are the 5 committees (both for high-school and college/university) elected by the Board of Directors where the students will participate. 3 will be held in Spanish and the other two in English as the main language of the MUNs in Venezuela is in Spanish.

High-School Committees:

  • Finanzas del Sistema de Naciones Unidas dentro de Organizaciones Descentralizadas Autónomas (DAOs) - Language ES
    Translation: Finances of the UN System within Autonomous Decentralized Organizations

  • Regularization of cryptocurrencies within the World Trade Organization (WTO) - Language EN

University Committees

  • Sistemas de Gobernanza a través de la tecnología blockchain en la Asamblea General de las Naciones Unidas - Language ES
    Translation: Governance systems through blockchain technology in the United Nations General Assembly

  • Integration mechanisms of the Multi-Dao Structures Management in the DeFi of the Countries - Language EN —> @jlwaugh take a look, as we previously discussed

  • Mecanismos de protección de la propiedad intelectual a través de nuevas herramientas NFT - OMPI - Language ES
    Translation: Intellectual property protection mechanisms through new NFT tools - WIPO

4- Digital Marketing and Social Media: We defined thanks to the support of the Marketing Manager @aenc19 and @Nicolasp2 with the outsourcing of a prestigious digital advertising agency where we designed a strategy of NEARMUN’s social media and ads campaign to have more students involved in the project and also spread the work and values of NEAR, his community and protocol. For that reason, we attach the respective strategy and the definition of the target audience


The audience of NEAR MUN that hopes to reach is college and university students who are intimately interested in United Nations models, they are better known as “muneros”. In this sense, it is also expected to receive all those interested in the world of Blockchain technology, c1ryptocurrencies, and especially NEAR, who will receive the best educational information about NEAR MUN and its derivatives.

Interests: Education. Cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin. blockchain. Model United Nations. Technology. Knowledge. International Organizations (UN-OAS-WTO…). Related!
Where do they live?: Caracas, Venezuela.
How old they are?: The project is approximately 1 year old. If you need more age you can put 20 years.
What do they do?: Student.
What do they do in their free time?: Study and organize events. Read and write.
Do they have a partner or they are married?: NO.
Monthly income?: Independent. Undefined.
Social position: Not defined.
Do they have family or friends?: NO.
They have children? - How many?: NO.
Do theyhave a job? - In what area? - Position?: Student.

Content line:

NEAR MUN hopes to publish mainly on social networks, from now on they are presented:

  • Instagram: With approximately 3 posts or publications and 3 weekly stories, @nearmun_org intends to publish the logo, the committees, the world ephemeris corresponding to the interests of NEAR, the organizing committee, #neareducation that will be valuable information related to Blockchain technology and Models of united nations.
  • Twitter: It will work in a structured way, thus bouncing all Instagram posts on Twitter, specifically those of a more informative nature. Seeking to build a solid community in education by this means. @NearMun.
  • Facebook: It will serve as a support to make paid Instagram publications, in addition to the fact of publishing written content of the model, such as manuals, articles, etc…

What are our social networks and their metrics/stats? Please follow us and take a look:

5- Metrics of our Social Networks: As we considered it to create those accounts from scratch since the project was approved, the following metrics and stats are exposed we the hope to build a solid social network that could capitalize in the short term other projects related to NEARMUN (education, community events, interviews, etc)

Instagram: @nearmun_org



The Instagram called @nearmun_org was created on Saturday, January 8 at 2 in the afternoon. It currently has 9 publications, with posts between 10 and 14 likes and increasing. Our Instagram has a total of 36 followers in a few days. The account has reached over 100 profile views. It has a unique logo and a specific design that belongs only to the NEARMUN project.

Twitter: @NearMun


The Twitter called @NearMun was created on Sunday, January 9 at 7 pm. It currently has only 2 tweets, which have been very well received by the community. Our Twitter has in a few days 20 followers and more than 10 likes per publication, it also has more than 5 retweets per publication. The account has been reached in posts by over 50 people to date.

Email Address:

Facebook and Medium: (To define). However, @Nicolasp2 and I create an article regarding our jewel →


We make official two new members to our operation team and we are expecting to add more to our lovely and high-level staff:

  • @aenc19: Expert in Digital Marketing, Digital Ads, and Social Media-Networks. An enthusiast for everything related to e-commerce and online marketing. He will join us as part of the Digital Marketing Team for NEARMUN
  • @dpaulino: BA in International Studies, an expert in CS and attendance of sales operations and service for companies in the US. Passionate for MUNs and she will help and support @medicenmariale as General Manager of the Project bringing value, quality, and mindfulness to our team. She will in charge too of the protocol staff.

Also, we count on the excellent and high-qualified members of the #nearvenezuela Guild that we will consider it to join once we finished our organizational responsibilities.


We successfully achieved the linking of several projects, companies, institutions, and entities to support our wonderful 1st NEARMUN - Venezuela Edition. For that reason, we list the following as new partners:

A deal between BOD (a private bank in Venezuela), its cultural spaces as well as with the Venezuelan Swiss Chamber, the Italian Chamber of Commerce, and Events, and with a company of International Trade (GOAT - Iroundbound Solutions) is under negotiation. We will update you asap regarding this

What is next?

We will work based on our roadmap and schedule. Take a look here

A breakdown of our first request for funds in the NEARMUN DAO will be published in a reply soon.

Enjoy pictures of our meetings.
PD: Those meetings are delivered in the house of @Nicolasp2. Thank you mate for this wonderful help
Regarding the above, we are also interested as NEAR Venezuela Guild is in the negotiation of a physical place where we can meet, arrange, set a call, or whatever.

Luis Aponte - @LuisAponte99
Nicolás Peña - @Nicolasp2
Mariale Valderrama - @medicenmariale
Daleska Paulino- @dpaulino

NEARMUN: Innovation and Education NEAR to you

Luis Aponte :goat: :rocket:


The project is definitely going very well, we are working very hard on social networks; Here I leave an account that has recognized us. NEARMUN will be a success! :star_struck:


This project is definitely a beauty, bigger every day, I hope to see it very soon!