Near York City Guild

The Big Dapple :apple:

Responding to this open call:

:statue_of_liberty: As a local guild, we intend to find overlap between goals of Near Yorkers and the global NEAR ecosystem. Our mission: coordinate projects for sustainable community growth + development. Let’s create a world where all people control their data, money, and the power of governance.



  • Understand Problems
  • Ask Questions
  • Explore Solutions
  • Build Community
  • Reward Hackers

MetaBUIDL Hackathon:

Total Expenses: $12,000

Venue: $4,000

The NYC Bitcoin Center agreed to host a 24-hour event* (Saturday to Sunday, August 28-29) in their large, hacker-friendly space for $2500. We also have an opportunity to produce an event at the Superchief NFT Gallery (date TBD ~ probably for a closing party).

*payment required 1 week in advance

Operations: $1,500

We are planning to hire members of the “Blockchain@Columbia” student group to manage operations, including promotional support. I’m also part of the “Lion DAO” :lion:

Prize Pool: $5,000

These funds will be distributed to specific project DAOs via the Near York DAO, which will be created prior to August 27. We are considering an earlier distribution (Sunday, August 29) to incentivize IRL participation.

Bonus: <$1,500

For Registrations and Press Mentions:
$5 per hacker and $50 per blog / article.


We are looking forward to contributing to many more hackathons and other kinds of events. Our motto: “Think universally ~ act locally & globally!” How might NEAR help NYC achieve its goals?


@jlwaugh It’s good to see that you are one of first on the field operations too!
I would also love to arrange a hackaton, help people step into the decentralized world in my city but I guess I miss a developer :slight_smile:


Hey, let’s see what the Big Dapple builds! :fire:


Enjoyed the hackathon, lets build the DAO :fire:

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Let’s have the Metaversapalooza Messari after-party event at the Blockchain Center NYC Headquarters on Upper West Side on September 22nd !!

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138+ registered on Eventbrite so far… We are going to create some non-fungible tickets on Mintbase! Also, I’m hoping to livestream in the metaverse, so everyone can join from anywhere :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s awesome! :+1: I can’t wait for September 22nd to host the Metaversapalooza Messari After-Party event at the Blockchain Center NYC on the Upper West Side!

Also please keep in mind – I am the Director of the Blockchain Center so for anything related please feel free to shoot me an email to

Sponsors and media always welcome – contact me directly to learn more and stay tuned for more NEAR Protocol events at the Bitcoin Center NYC – Blockchain Center NYC

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Great! I’m reviewing your 500 NEAR payout proposal now.

As we discussed, this would cover our party budget ($3000) in full, along with the venue portion of costs (~$2500) for an event around NFT.NYC ~ maybe Tuesday, November 2.

Wonderful!! That’s Correct $3k towards the Mainnet after-party Sept 22nd and then the balance will go towards covering the cost of the venue for the NFT.NYC after-party at the Blockchain Center Nov 2nd. So we will only be needing to cover the food&bev and whatever else , etc for November 2nd


Heyo! I’d love to join the DAO!