NEAR x CODAME Guild (China)Monthly Report-March 2021

Hi my name is iOTA chan, I am an architect, artist and community manager at CODAME. We started with NFT at CODAME 10TH Anniversary ART+TECH Festival. From there CODAME build the Community Partnership with NEAR Protocol.

In February, the NFT boom has created an explosion of curiosity and confusions in the NEAR’s Chinese Wechat group. CODAME has been helping artists Minting NFT since JULY 2020. With my artist and community builder background I felt necessary to jump-in and offer support to the Chinese Artists Group. I did not have my own Guild at March. I teamed up with @peter (Berryclub Chinese Guild) and start contributing right away.

By April, I needed help navigating the NEAR Guild system. I have talked with @Angela(China team); @chloe (Creatbase); @OrvardJam (Sandbox); @sashahudzilin (Human Guild) in order to find the best possible way to continue my Community effort to NEAR community.

I’ve been given direction to start my own Guild (in process), and to submit the March report here. I realize it is a little late. I will be submitting report on time going forward.

Guild Name: NEAR x CODAME Guild

Monthly Highlights:
**Focus area: ** Chinese Artists community Building; NFT platform Promoting; NEAR earner onboarding; Bridging between community and NEAR team.

  1. Workshop “How to mint NFT on NEAR” Demonstrated:

    Two Method of Creating a Near Wallet; PPT was later shared and circulated in 1000+Group.
    Use the new NEAR wallet to Account and Minted a NFT together;
    Airdrop the NFT to 32 participants and artists in the NEAR’s Chinese artist Community

  2. Video tutorial " Migrating from Eth to Near Using Faucet" (1469 views)

  3. Article " Why Mintbase standout among many NFT platform" (10,000+views) Republished on Major Mainstream medias in China; Ranking top3 result for 3 weeks when google search Mintbase in chinese.

  4. Events / Dapp Promotion:
    Paras Promotion; onboarding artists
    Berry Card Promotion;
    Open Web Lab Promotion;
    Mintbase Promotion; NFT Global Conference Highlights
    Near Ambassador Promotion

  5. Translation + MEME: Mintbase AMA Promotion

  6. Activate Wechat Groups; Start discussion and respond to questions in a timely manner; Guide Chinese artists use Twitter/Ins to promote their work globally.

  7. Build good relationships with artists, developers, tech professionals and journalists

Video Content: (Please insert links)
03.15 Workshop: (32 attendee, PPT shared with 1000+members)

Paras NFT that was Mint together on the Workshop Conveys the message: 1.Welcome Chinese Artist onboarding 2.NEAR Protocol is carbon Neutral Block Chain.

03.16 Video tutorial " Migrating from Metamask to Near Using Faucet" (1469 views)
On wechat account Chainassets:

On Bilibili:

Blog Post:(Please insert links)

03.18 Article " Why Mintbase standout among many NFT platform" (10,000+views)

Social Media Management and Analytics (Telegram/ Twitter/ Reddit/ Wechat):
(Please link your social media handle and a screenshot of the monthly statistics)

Telegram: @iothaP / Twitter: @iothaP / Discord: @iotha / Reddit: [u/Far_Public_4749]
Wechat id: iotachen/ Paras: iotha.near

Mintbase Promotion:

Mintbase AMA Chinese Post:

Community artists promotion:

Wechat: following message posted 20+wechat groups, reaching 10,000+ppl

03.17:Open web lab/ Hackthon event promotion:

03.22: Onboarding Ambassador event:

03.24: Faucet Eth <>NEAR Wallet:

03.35: Mintbase AMA event:

03.26: Spread the live stream of NEAR Chengdu event:

Community Engagement:

Community Engagement takes the most of the time but also an area hard to measure. When questions has raised; I do my own research and talk to industry professionals to make sure the answer is accurate, questions can be easy like wallet issues, can be hard like “ownership” around NFTs witch requires deep dive into this New Industry.

Since I took everyone’s question seriously, great relationships have build with artist, developers, tech professionals and journalists.

I’ve received good Feedback:

"I like NEAR more because of your work." --by Ethan, from Linxi Capital.

Those feedback means a lot to me.

Other Initiatives: (Please specify)

Continuing onboarding effort;
*Migrating artist from ETH platform to Mintbse ;
*Increase Near PixelParty activity;
*Collab with Galleries in China for exhibition;
*Upcomming CODAME ART+TECH festival in June;
*[Screenroom]+ [Art Moment] project pitch to NEAR hackathon;

Note: Two Contribution has already been payed out via DAO, those are: 1. workshop (10 NEAR by Berryclub DAO); 2. Mintbase Article (25 NEAR-Createbase Dao)


Great accomplishment, @iotachan!
Looking forward to your future achievements.


So amazing to see all of the work you have been up to within the community laid out in one post. Super excited to see your community flourish and to have you onboard within the NEAR Guild Ecosystem.

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Thanks for setting a great example how to run a Guild. Much to learn from the work you did in NEAR Guild Philippine!

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Thanks Chloe. Createbase is where I started, where I learn the spirt of NEAR community. My goal is to spread this sprits. :heart:

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Thanks to @iotachan for the changes brought to the Chinese community. Learn from you.

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