Berryclub Chinese Guild Monthly Report-March 23, 2021

March 23, 2021

Guild Name:
Berryclub Chinese Guild

Monthly Highlights:
I am an advocate, participant, and communicator of the Near ecology. Berryclub Chinese Guild will promote the NFT ecology this month. Community Official Account: Chain Assets, the number of followers exceeded 1000. There are 310 people participating in the WeChat group. The number of NEAR’ artists is 244. A total of 11 NEAR-related articles were published on the Chain Asset public account this month. Organize a zoom meeting and a live broadcast of Mars Finance. Guide artists to apply for a number of paras whitelists and participate in the testnet. I got acquainted with domestic artist lindong, overseas NEAR community @iotachan , overseas trendy artist @leftblack , overseas collector Jacqueline, and overseas artist action group.

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What exactly will NEAR’s first DAO+NFT do?
Reading 769 launched the BETA version of three months after it went online, and its 30-hour trading volume exceeded $27k. It became the first NFT project empowered by NEAR and even the entire chain of decentralized community governance (DAO). All NFTs on the chain are generated in an open and transparent manner through voting by community members.
The project can run autonomously under the condition of unmanned governance. NFT votes, transactions, and rewards obtained are all recognized by the entire community and cannot be tampered with. Once deployed, it will no longer be affected by external forces.

No need to use vpn to speed up access to NEAR wallet, choose the fastest DNS
Since the server of the NEAR wallet is located abroad, it is very slow for domestic users to access and resolve, and even cannot be opened. In the past, we used to take the ladder. The author tried to replace the DNS, which can also accelerate the effect, once and for all.

Ecological analysis of NEAR in March 2021
The NEAR mainnet has been online for three months, and the ecological construction has been improved day by day. Today, the author paid attention to the latest trends on the eve of the domestic mainstream media release and gave an introduction to the latest NEAR ecosystem. Data source

Analysis of BerryClub System of NEAR Native Ecosystem
Reading 400
Compared to the tens of millions of millions of transactions on the ether every week, the NFT on NEAR is still very small.
However, NEAR has the advantages of low cost, low latency, high throughput and friendly development environment, coupled with the uniqueness and scarcity of NFT, is expected to open up the connection between digital assets in the virtual world and real assets.
We know the NFT track, whoever has the IP will be out of the lap. When game props in the virtual world, art collections in the real world, movies with IP, stars with IP, music, trendy games, and even real-world assets and real estate, land can be chained through NFT, then the gameplay will be more abundant.

NEAR mainnet NFT creation platform recruits local artists
Reading 899
The NEAR mainnet now has 6 NFT projects. The author first discovered the needs of domestic artists and recruited artists. The Berryclub Chinese community will recommend Mintbase, Paras, and for pixel creation based on the artist’s situation and wishes. We will provide support for artist whitelist application review, wallet creation and other issues.

NEAR Mainnet NFT Platform Paras Artist Guide
Reading 406

NEAR Mainnet NFT Platform Mintbase Artist Guide
Reading 553
The author separately introduced the NFT projects on the NEAR mainnet. The following is a guide for the specific operations of paras platform and mintbase platform artists.

How to apply for funds using Createbase
Reading 228
How to apply for funds using Createbase

How to apply for a small bounty using SputnikDAO
reading 252
Our Berryclub Chinese will have our own DAO
(Address: SputnikDAO), you can make proposals and small bounty applications in Chinese on it. If you speak English well, you can also participate in other DAO governance. Before applying, it is recommended to contact the board members, or feedback on the community, Twitter, Telegram, Discord, in order to quickly review and approve.
Berry Cards pixel: a DeFi+DAO+NFT project
The translation comes from the NEAR official homepage, thanks to the NEAR team

How to create in Berryclub pixel and get 10N bounty
reading 245
Through this article, you can learn pixel image conversion, pixel creation in Berryclub, apply for NEAR bounty through Dao, and you will also get free NEAR rewards at BerryFarm. Fully demonstrates the composability of NEAR

Collector Jacqueline

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Mars Finance live link (2000 viewers):Duration: 1 hour and 20 minutes
Deeply participate in NEAR ecological projects, including wallet creation and ecological project
And introduction, use tutorial.

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Thanks to @iotachan, this most beautiful encounter, and the changes that will be brought about, The berryclub Chinese guild maintains close cooperation with foreign guilds and organizations. launch a series of activities to promote Chinese artists.


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