NEAR x CODAME Guild (China)Monthly Report-April 2021

Month: April 2021

Guild Name: NEAR x CODAME Guild

Monthly Highlights:

  1. Wechat accounts CryptoPaw Gained 545 new followers

  2. Twitter NEAR Protocol China Earned 10K impressions.

  3. Started a [Bilibili] account(iotachan的个人空间 - 哔哩哔哩 ( ゜- ゜)つロ 乾杯~ Bilibili) for posting translated NEAR promote Videos

  4. Started NEAR Chinese Medium: Near Protocol China

  5. Represent Mintbase participated “NFT Round Table” with panels: The Sandbox、 Nervos、OVR

6.Exiting onboarding opportunity with E-commerce group in China.

Video Content: (Please insert links)

1分钟玩转NFT教学!Mintbase 懒人包!



Mintbase+NEAR 将目光聚焦在“有实际用途的NFT”

Blog Post:(Please insert links)

  1. Wechat CryptoPaw accounts (4 original / 9 publish ):

  2. NEAR Chinese Medium (Republish 2 article from NEAR China team):


NEAR 彩虹桥跨链的不只是以太坊

  1. Personal Medium (2 original research +1 translation):


[NEAR生态系统 — (一)质押篇]

[NEAR生态系统 — (二)NFTs/游戏]

  1. Billibili (2 original research +1 translation):

Social Media Management and Analytics (Telegram/ Twitter/ Reddit/ Wechat):
(Please link your social media handle and a screenshot of the monthly statistics)

  1. Near Protocol China earned 10.1K impressions over this 28 day period

  2. iotha Paw earned 46.8K impressions over this 28 day period

  1. Wechat account CryptoPaw earned 550 new followers


Group Moderations (Telegram/ Twitter/ Reddit/ Wechat):

I am Managing Wechat Group (212 members), co-managing Near’s artists Wechat Group ( 242 Memerbs with @peter ), both Groups are NFT focused.

I am also contributing to 20+ Wechat Groups for share latest translated NEAR content/announcements+ answering community members questions.

Media interview / In-depth story

Participated a “NFT round table discussion” Representing Mintbase on NEAR.

  1. Thanks for the supports from @caromintbase, got all points delivered.
    (User owned smart contract + dev customizable api on Mintbase store. )
  2. Shared experience as an art group organizer why we think Mintbase is solving the Problems for creators economy. (split payments + forever royalties embedded in the contract )
  3. NFT in the future, Mintbase developed NFT unlock feature, NFT as redeemer, NFT as a key to access virtually space etc.
  4. NFT for real world uses: (coffee shop and co-work space, example)
  5. Mintbase on NEAR has the best for ON/Off chain connection, the solution to put NFT for everyday use,
  6. Looking forward to MINTBASE upcoming plan to enter Chinese Market.

Other Initiatives: (Please specify)

Introduce Promotion

  1. Connection【ScreenRoom】with NEAR team, 【ScreenRoom】is a digital art trading platform on Wechat with 70k users, founded 2018. With it high frequency trading + small transaction feature, 【ScreenRoom】has great potential to dev a Dapp on NEAR.(@starpause +@iotachan follow up Onboarding for Near Hackathon)

  2. Business Development: E-commerce Festival promotion + Mintbase +NEAR (@amosbestcookie + @iotachan follow up)

  3. Build relationship with The Sandbox Game. through round table. Connection Sandbox with the NEAR Engineer team.

  4. China Retails approach, NFT in daily use growth hack on small retail membership program, coupon ticketing etc. New user group onboarding.


Great job Iota, I saw our Mintbase wechat growing like crazy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :v: :raised_hands: