Near university update

NEAR UNIVERSITY HUB WAS FUNDED AROUND FEB and since then we have been hindered with two great factor
ONE which has been the imminent drop of crypto
secondly has been the 8 month strike in nigeria university

but we will keep on pushing with what we have left and with the suspension of strike we have made plans to move forward

NUH Akwa ibom state university event EVENT REPORT

It’s our pleasure to appreciate your participation and reveal our progress to the community so far.

It’s note worthy that Blockchain innovations are constantly evolving day after day, making even the most innovative and important ones masked in the crowd especially to potential prospects and enthusiast to the space and those new who are new . This call the need of creating massive promotion and awareness spanning various touch points to create a good brand image user experiences. Near blockchain is a rapidly growing innovative ecosystem addressing the blockchain needs in the most important areas of concerns fees, speed, decentralization and security. In an effort to communicate this value propositions, NUH a sub guild of NPK tasked itself with the support of the foundation to target a highly potential epic of innovation i.e universities to source, create a base to connect and network different skilled web3 prospects from area of Development, design, entrepreneurs, and problem solvers to collaborate, onboard and and build on the enabling NEAR blockchain.

Part of this mission include creating events such as fun( e.g. sport tournaments), educational learning sessions, physical connect etc across various universities in Nigeria starting with akwa ibom state university to advance to other universities selected to capture all geopolitical Zones of Nigeria.

The first event was a sports fiesta conducted
on SEPTEMBER at Akwa Ibom State University which last for two weeks featuring FOOTBALL , TABLE TENIS ,LAWN TENIS AND A STUDENT WORK OUT SESSION




Customized shirts and Near branded materials were used during the event to showcase the sponsoring blockchain with the aim of creating more awareness and popularity of Near across Nigeria in general.

Below are images snapshots of the events ( add other deails of winners? And other relevant notes to be included)

The delay of NUH activity was subject to an 8month long recently suspended strike( 14th Feb, 2022 to 14 Oct, 2022), which resulted in closure of all but few Nigerian universities.

With resumption of schools to normal activities, we will continue to strategically reachout to more universities.

The next event of this sub-guild will be a two days educative session on TOPIC "THE POSITIVE IMPACT OF WEB3 AND NEAR TO THE SOCIETY which will be hosted at UNIVERSITY OF POERTHARCOURT to educate and connect crypto curious, enthusiast and experienced builders on web3 possible onboarding of various talents and builders to near blockchain . Report of the event will be communicated after the completion….

NUH will continue to be committed to promoting near, facilitating connection among potential builders and onboarding of crypto curious and savvy to the near blockchain through education, fun and awareness.



I am so glad how you have handled your event.

Thanks and kudos to keeping this on.

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Yes @IgbozeIsrael
We were hinder by alot of factors including fluctuation of price and the 8 month strike but we will never stop building and growing
Our next event is in University of port Harcourt and we will move to Bayero university in kano

Thank you for support :muscle:

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I will also create a link so the community can access all the pictures and beautiful moments in akwa Ibom State University

Near Sport fiesta

Hello Near Protocol community,

Near university hub in port harcourt

Apologies for the delay in updating you about the Near University Hub. We recently hosted an incredible web3 seminar/workshop at Uniport, where we delved into all things related to Near Protocol and web3. The event featured speakers including myself, @damboy22 , @minorityprogrammers and some speakers from uniport blockchain hub

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