Near University and Tec de Tlaxiaco with students develop smart contracts

The new era of Web 3.0 has reached the Technological Institute of Tlaxiaco for the students of the Computer Systems Engineering career of the Software Engineering subject through Near University to develop intelligent contracts through programming languages ​​such as Web Assembly and rust.

The development of software development projects at the Tecnológico de Tlaxiaco at the beginning of the pandemic took advantage of using the framework with eduscrum to train talent for software development, in addition, the GitHub platform helped develop and host them in the cloud, to the development of smart contracts with the Near Protocol will be used by an organization called Near University Tec de Tlaxiaco on GitHub Education.

Week 3 from May 2 to May 6, 2022

The week began with the explanation of how to develop a decentralized application (Dapp), such as the file structure of the smart contract, to later compile, deploy and test them in the Near testnet environment. In addition, to check the storage of information, calls were made through the Near Cli tool in the Ubuntu console.

In order to host the smart contracts, an organization was created on GitHub to be able to document and host the source code, in addition to explaining the operation of the organization and using educrum as a framework, using the kanban board as an agile tool for monitoring project activities. sprint 1.

Activities were monitored through daily scrum in a videoconference, to motivate and check that the productivity of the student development teams is sufficient to finish the execution of the sprint. In addition, it was explained to them that the sprint has come to an end and week number 4 will begin the sprint review.

The activities were carried out mostly in face-to-face classes, only on Friday was it by videoconference because there were no face-to-face classes at the school, and the students were asked for their doubts and comments.

During the week, the accompaniment of members of the Near Hispanic community was carried out to provide follow-up and support, supporting the project for the development of smart contracts with the Near protocol by students of the Tecnológico de Tlaxiaco. For your support and follow-up to: @cristinavlous @Cristian

Link of the project Develop smart contracts with the Near protocol by students of the Tecnologico de Tlaxiaco in Google Docs Project

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