Sprint 1 Smart contracts workshop at the Technological Institute of Tlaxiaco

Project title: Develop smart contracts with the Near protocol by students of the Tecnologico de Tlaxiaco

One-liner: Development of smart contracts at the Technological Institute of Tlaxiaco with programming language Web assembly with the near protocol”.

It has been quite a challenge to start the development of smart contracts with the students of the Technological Institute of Tlaxiaco in the field of Software Engineering, my name is Jose Alfredo Román Cruz, I am carrying out the scholarship program called Professors in residence, the history of development of Web 3.0 technology we will begin to count it now.

Week 1 from April 4 to 8, 2022.

The first week began with sprint 1 Development of Smart Contracts

The students called talents made their first sprint with the planning and assignment of activities and responsibilities of each of the academic activities to be carried out.

The architecture of smart contracts was explained to the students, in this they learned how the information of the smart contracts is stored in the block chain, it was also explained to them how it is a storage process and calls of the different tools in the blockchain.

The students were motivated to carry out their daily scrum to follow up on the sprint activities and to be able to face the challenge of developing smart contracts.

Within the academic activities, the students were explained the tools to install such as Ubuntu, Node Js, Near Cli and Visual Code to be able to code call functions to smart contracts on the Web Assembly programming language.

The students in the first academic activity of the sprint also made an infographic to capture valuable information on programming languages ​​such as Web Assembly and Rust.

Finally, this week was very objective to start the sprint and give a global vision and provide technical information on what can be done with smart contracts.

Week 2 April 25-29, 2022 Smart Contracts Workshop

The students in this week of hard academic work, were explained in a workshop how very basic smart contracts can be developed.

In the first smart contract workshop, students were explained how to program functions in Web Assembly without passing parameters and perform read transactions, as well as how to install, compile and deploy a smart contract in an environment such as testnet to perform verification of transactions in the browser

In the second workshop on smart contracts, the students were explained how to design more functions with parameter passing and without parameter passing, it was also explained how to store data in the blockchain to be able to develop more complex contracts for information systems or the well-known applications. decentralized (dapps).

Finally, the activities were monitored and the students were motivated to carry out a reading and writing exercise with more advanced functions in Web Assembly to develop information management skills in the blockchain.

The activities were carried out in the classroom in person, the pandemic in Mexico has decreased, it has allowed us to return to classes and teach smart contracts at the Technological Institute of Tlaxiaco, also in the residence for the accompaniment of activities they gave us feedback and their support @cristinavlous and @Profile - Cristian - NEAR Forum
Link of the project Develop smart contracts with the Near protocol by students of the Tecnologico de Tlaxiaco in Google Docs Project