Successful completion of unit test sprint activities for Smart Contracts with Near

The residence project with professors that is carried out with students from the Technological Institute of Tlaxiaco for the development of intelligent contracts with the Near protocol is ending successfully because the objectives of the project are being met.

In the new era of Web 3.0, it must be ensured that the knowledge, skills and attitudes are acquired by the students of the Tecnológico de Tlaxiaco to jointly carry out the development of smart contracts using the eduscrum framework.

Week June 6 to June 10, 2022

The way to evaluate the development of smart contracts, a kahoot tool was developed as a feedback test where knowledge such as: What is software quality? What is a test plan? What are unit tests? Finally, the students applied a test and favorable results were obtained, mostly by having records in an excel file.

To finally evaluate if the student has a high knowledge in the development of smart contracts, a technical test was applied on how to plan unit tests with a cloud tool such as TestRail, code and perform unit tests in WebAsembly to test the functions of data collections. For the results, Google Docs automatically evaluates and the results are returned to an Excel file.

To ensure the development of smart contract unit testing programming skills with Web Assembly, the sprint review was carried out, in which the development teams assigned an indicator according to a rubric of three academic products such as: infographics, a lab 5, 6 for unit testing and project documentation on the GitHub Wiki.

Finally, to evaluate practice 6, the students uploaded the source code of the unit tests to the organization Near University Tec de Tlaxiaco the intelligent contract developed in sprint 1, in addition all the activities in the kanban board must be in the column of carried out to carry out the assignment. retrospective or reflection of the activities carried out during the sprint.

During the week, the accompaniment of members of the Near Hispano community was carried out to provide follow-up and support, supporting the project for the development of smart contracts with the Near protocol by students of the Tecnológico de Tlaxiaco. For your support and follow-up to: @cristinavlous @Cristian

Link of the project Smart contracts with the Near protocol are developed by students of the Tecnologico de Tlaxiaco in Google Docs Project