Near Social Community Group


We are inviting feedback / open discussions about how an official Developer Community Group may help coordinate development of standards, modules, and widget registries for Near Social.

Background / Context

What is a Community Group?

Developer Community Groups are specialized, self-organized communities. Anyone can create one, choose a format, and invite others.

Our main goal here is to come up with ideas and concerns for the Near Social Working Group, which (for now) includes members of this GitHub organization:

What is Near Social?

β†’ on-chain social graph, built on NEAR :infinity:

From the profile of @evgenykuzyakov (mob.near), original creator of Near Social:

β€œThe vision of the project is to build the Open Web. And there are certain goals on the way.

Probably, the main goal is to build a unified social identity for NEAR ecosystem. I want accounts to be people, not just wallets.”

More info via the wiki :globe_with_meridians:

Challenges for Near Social

  • lack of awareness and engagement
  • unclear structure and processes in the community (moderation)
    • risk of storing objectionable data with negative impact
  • demand for education and support systems to facilitate adoption
  • outreach required to integrate with ecosystem projects
  • sustainability challenges / misaligned incentives
    • need to encourage donations and voluntary revenue sharing

Objectives of this Community Group

  • drive growth in terms of users and functionality (modules / APIs)
  • maintain a positive culture in / around the Near Social platform
  • successfully onboarding contributors to the initial viewer app
  • empower builders to connect, collaborate, and create useful widgets
  • define and iterate standards in the current GitHub repository
  • gather helpful insights and perspectives from the NEAR community
  • introduce opportunities to share knowledge (with ecosystem participants)

Near Social Developer Governance

A beautiful thing about Near Social is the contract does not need governance. The intention is to be customizable in every aspect, so decisions are up to various communities on the platform. However, standards and reward systems will need governance if there are disagreements.

The work of this Community Group includes:

  • evolving the available documentation
  • discussing and prioritizing standards
  • coordinating development of widgets

Read the below sections about each of these.


β†’ educational resources and collaborative learning experiences

NEAR users can edit related pages on The Wiki:


β†’ common data structures / schema for the SocialDB (not enforced by the contract)

GitHub issues and pull requests are more than welcome:

Note: if the process of defining standards becomes slow and the consensus can't be reached, then an alternative repository can be created and a new set of standards might be adopted by Near Social communities.


β†’ reusable and composable components for Near Social :gear:

List of All Widgets

The most interesting part ~ integrating widgets created by other accounts :eyes:

Share ideas for Near Social using this widget, made by @illia!

Next Steps:

Feel free to reply with suggestions :slight_smile:

  • improve documentation based on feedback collected
  • explore on-chain governance structures and processes
  • organize workshops / Twitter spaces for learning together
  • recruit marketing support via Marketing DAO
  • develop Near Social Ambassadors Program
  • figure out a potential budget with specific OKRs
  • plan hackathon series (and other developer activations)
    • join forces with other Near hackathons, like MetaBuild

How To Participate: GitHub | Telegram | Wiki

Please let us know any ideas or questions!