NEAR Hispano - Growth Project - Claim Twitter Account - Week 1 Status

I have been working since July 1st with a team of NEAR Hispano Guild developers who went through the Near Certified Developer program with Sherif.

The current project is a 2 week proof-of-concept to test their abilities. The end goal of the project is to build a website where:

  1. A marketer can choose a list of twitter accounts to send a reward
  2. A twitter account owner on the list can prove account ownership and claim their reward (the first reward will be NEAR tokens, though the long term goal will be NFTs)

A fixed price of $4500 paid in NEAR for 2 weeks of effort by this group of engineers was agreed upon before they started. (Half on July 9th, and half on July 16th, 2021) This proposal is for the July 9th portion (50%)

Project Description

Here is their original forum post outlining what they are building


After 1-week they have accomplished the following

Here is the teams full @tuxcan’s 1 week update post

They have also extensively researched Twitter Authentication, created landing page mockups, met with me @ross every day for a 15 minute SCRUM to discuss their progress and intentions.

Next Steps

This team’s agreement extends through Friday, at which time we’ll discuss possible next steps.

It has come to my attention that there are many similarities between the tools being developed here and the intentions of the Linkdrop team. Depending on the outcome of this proof-of-concept the team may be best served using their new NEAR abilities to help extend Linkdrop.

Team members
@claudioac @tuxcan Ivan, Carlos, Jamie, Fritz
[I have sent this post to all the team members and will add the rest of the usernames as they respond in the comments]


Thank you Ross, I’m one of the members from this team. Greetings.


Hi Ross and everyone, thanks! I’m one of the developers too


Hi, I’m also one of the developers of this project


Hey ! Awesome. :white_check_mark:

Thanks for taking me in :cowboy_hat_face:


Tools like this are what we need! Brilliant to see it coming together :grin:

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Thanks to all of the team members who have made this an awesome project so far.
I’m excited to hear how much you’ve learned. And I’m excited to watch you push the experience to main net!