[Closed] Near Hispano, Growth Project: Claim Twitter Account ( Stage 1)

Project title: Claim Twitter Account ( Growth)

One-liner: Create a tool to claim the twitter accounts from Near Wallet Accounts to strenght the Near Protocol Ecosystem

Series: Strenght Near Community

Project members:

Claudio Cossio (cacossio.near)
Manuel Haro ( tuxcan.near )

**Payout Stage 1: July 1 to 9

NEAR target account: tuxcan.near

Funding request: $2250 USD paid in NEAR Tokens


The goal of this growth project is to provide a landing page and the necessary mechanisms for Twitter followers of NEAR Protocol to claim NFT tokens.

Initial Scope

  1. Given a list of twitter usernames, create a way to airdrop NFT’s to Near accounts with the format twitter_username.twitter.near

  2. Create an easy interface for twitter users to claim their username as a NEAR wallet

Value for Creators/Builders

  • Enable engagement mechanisms with their audiences
  • Deliver value to their audience
  • Quick onboarding into the NEARverse

Value for Users

  • Simple way to create a wallet and claim an NFT
  • Direct interaction with Twitter accounts from creators or NEAR Guilds

Stages of Work

Stage 1:
Dates: July 1 to 9

Deliverables Stage 1:

  • Contract for the NFT token and wallet creation
  • Script to upload list of twitter accounts
  • Claim mechanism

Result: Demo of deliverable for Week 1

NEAR amount requested:

Stage 1 - $2250 USD paid in NEAR Tokens


Payout Account: tuxcan.near

Claudio - cacossio.near
Manuel - tuxcan.near