Near Hispano, Growth Project: Design landing pages

This is a delivered job for web design on the following project:

Available here:

Result: Demo of deliverable for Week 2

Repository with the Code:

My collaboration:

4 * Webpage designs

1- Link

2- Link

3- Link

4- Link

NEAR amount requested:

$300 USD paid in NEAR Tokens

Payout Account: fritzwagner.near


$300 for 4 pages? You can Go to and do it free. Could you please upload proof of your expenses for reimbursement?

Hi @Dacha - for the conception, coordination, coding/building, design and testing labour for a project of this kind and calibre, this fund request is reasonable. To my knowledge (though this isn’t my area I must say!) these features cannot be built into a standard website builder like Wix, and so the web design is more involved. Hope this addresses your concern!

@FritzWorm - thank you and to the rest of the NEAR Hispano team for your great work!


Hi !

@Dacha thanks for your feedback, but wix is a no control code web design tool

This time, @claudioac and his team needed a webpage where they can change the css, so it is a very well documented html+css+bootstrap because the project will need several landings for several NFTs projects or so I understand. What it is for sure, css was needed (style control)

Thanks @mecsbecs I do what I can :cowboy_hat_face: :v:


This was a project for the Growth team and @ross had already approved this. These are landing pages that any project can use. They where made for users that wanted to leverage the platform to distribute tokens in a Wix kinda platform could use. Instead of investing in creating the look and feel of the landing pages, they could have at least some options to pick and choose for the airdrop campaign.

The project is now halted, but it was a task that was done in less than 1 week to get things up and running fast.

As @mecsbecs stated, this takes into account the feedback process and deliverables of the design :raised_hands:

Lots of calls went into this deliverable.

Thank you for sharing your point of view, always welcomed!



@mecsbecs @Dacha
I fully support what @claudioac has reiterated here. This was a fast paced project that got off the ground quickly, involved the front end developer coordinating with 5 other team members (And understanding where the page should hook up to the smart contracts)

I agreed to use this front end resource in the project, and I am happy with the teams results.