NEAR Foundation Twitter Spaces on NDC - January 12 - Recap

Hello NEAR community!

Following the recent Twitter Spaces yesterday here’s an overview covering the intros of Marieke & Henry, the discussions, and a follow up to the concerns raised around CreativesDAO. The primary topic of the Spaces was around NDC, and we were excited to also be joined by council members from MarketingDAO & DeveloperDAO.

Speakers included:

  • Marieke Flament - CEO of NEAR Foundation
  • Chris Donovan - General Council at NEAR Foundation
  • Henry (Blaze) - GWG
  • Ozymandius - GWG
  • William (Atrox) - GWG
  • Sarah Kornfeld - GWG
  • AVB - MarketingDAO Council
  • Maksym Zavershynskyi - DeveloperDAO Council

We’re extremely grateful for the participation of our guest speakers, and everyone who attended & participated. It was a great opportunity for the community to come together and engage in meaningful discussion around NDC, the grassroots DAOs, and NEAR Foundation’s efforts to further decentralize and empower the community.

For those who were not able to attend, the Spaces was recorded and you can find it here.

Leading up to the spaces were various tweets with supporting information on NDC:

NDC Overview
NDC Roadmap
Contributor onboarding process

And also resources on MarketingDAO & DeveloperDAO:

Overview of MarketingDAO & Processes
DeveloperDAO - Engaging in developer governance

To kick things off Marieke and Blaze provided in depth overviews packed with information on NDC, the GWG, NDC focuses and upcoming timelines, NEAR Foundations goal in decentralizing, and strategy going into 2023.

Marieke’s Intro
Blaze’s Intro

The Spaces was an open discussion/AMA format that led to some great questions and topics being raised, and a recap can be found here.

NEAR Intern also put out a great, in depth recap of the AMA: here!

There were concerns raised regarding the prolonged time frame for funding & operationalizing CreativesDAO, and statements around feeling rejected in their proposals and efforts. CreativesDAO community is an important part of the NEAR ecosystem, and we understand the community’s concerns and assure that members of NEAR Foundation are actively working with the concerned parties including the Creative DAO moderators, with the primary focus to ensure that the DAO is effectively and successfully implemented as soon possible.

There are many examples of rushing the process leading to failure and we’re committed to getting this done right. We appreciate the community’s patience and support as we work towards a more efficient and inclusive funding and implementation process around this, and as we push toward further decentralizing the NEAR ecosystem.

The NEAR Foundation looks forward to continuing events like this with topics raised by the community!


It is not exactly true, we’re still waiting for the feedback regarding our complete restructure. The proposal was presented by the @creativesdao-council to NF representatives in late October. Since then, we haven’t received any significant feedback (neither positive nor negative).

No one is rushing the process (at least from CreativesDAO’s side), we are asking for your cooperation.


Thanks for the recap. Besides, this has been shared in Telegram: Contact @NEARisNOW. It’s sad to know that @satojandro is also a representative of NDC and the speaker of that AMA. This difference makes me doubt his good intentions when taking on an important role in the NDC.

This is just a FACT shared, NO aggressiveness & completely follow the forum guideline

Cc: @blaze @marieke.flament





Hello mate :grinning:thanks for your concern but, imho satojandro is not a rep of the NDC.
He represented Marketing DAO not NDC, just for transparency sake

[/quote] here :point_up_2: the space held was NDC focused and other grassroots dao except the creative, and the creative had to speak out to be heard

For transparency and do avoid misconceptions.
The NDC councils would be done democratically and the community would have to vote for who would represent them on NDC for now we have Working Group (WG) volunteering to participate in pragmatic development and implementation of the governance model to attain more decentralization giving room for iteration with time.
Learn more about the NDC WG and the leads Here thanks :pray:
Feel free to correct me if am wrong :expressionless:


Thank you for the recap and necessary info related to the NDC!

Why does near supports AVB who fund their own project like Neko markus take notice

Thank you for the recap great community with great leaders and almost all the doubts has been answered​:heart::heart:

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Why Near supports AVB who use council’s privilege to support own projects, like NEKO? This is not acceptable. Why Markus do you support it?