[Report] NEAR at NIGHT Twitter Spaces - Monthly Funding Request August 23’

Greetings from Trove Labs!

Original Proposal

N@N has been running for approximately 8 months, and has provided a consistent space for Founders, Developers, and community members to learn about the near ecosystem and stay up to date on important NEAR protocol and crypto news updates.

Near at Night continues to prove the importance of social media exposure for important ecosystem teams on NEAR. We have fostered countless connections within the NEAR community with guests from all over the Near community and beyond. Recently we have been providing a spotlight for the NDC & BOS according to MArketing DAO directives.

Near at Night covers a wide variety of topics and hosts speakers with backgrounds from multiple different industries. N@N focuses on education, but also dives into important events, topics, emerging industries, and sometimes just holds casual conversations with the community.

Marketing Activity:

We held 10/10 spaces during the month of August, with topics focusing on the NDC and the BOS. We have averaged 68 viewers tuning in and 1186 impressions per session.

We have listed each N@N spaces event below:

08/07/23 - El Cafe Cartel AMA - [62] Views - [1226] Impressions

08/08/23 - Rogues Studio AMA- [68] Views - [1257] Impressions

08/10/23 - NDC Election Series #1 HOM - [96] Views - [~1200] Impressions

08/15/23 - Mailchain AMA - [56] Views - [526] Impressions

08/16/23 - Satori AMA - [52] Views - [407] Impressions

08/17/23 - NDC Election Series #2 COA - [68] Views - [~2750] Impressions

[08/21/23 -Deep Dive into BOS - [75] Views - [929] Impressions (https://twitter.com/NEAR_at_NIGHT/status/1693489107048034313?s=20 https://twitter.com/NEAR_at_NIGHT/status/1693708886757326936?s=20)

08/24/23 - NDC Election Series #3 TC - [118] Views - [421] Impressions

08/28/23 - BOS Talk w/ James - [28] Views - [931] Impressions

08/31/23 - NDC V1 Open House - [51] Views - [2215] Impressions


Our latest run saw a decrease in views and impressions, possibly due to fewer spaces per week and a limited agenda. However we did have a large impact with the community during our NDC series as we covered the various NDC houses. We believe that our original schedule and focus on NEAR ecosystem projects contributed to the momentum that made N@N the top AMA show on NEAR. We will seek additional funding from the marketing DAO for another month so we can continue the impact of our platform and continue our mission to bring Near protocol’s community into the spotlight!

We are eager to hear feedback from the Marketing DAO council to improve NEAR at NIGHT for future proposals.


Trove Labs team.