NEAR Digital Collective Steward - Blaze for Consideration and Vote

This is not intended as a PR stunt. @Dacha made mention in Discord that there was no bio or official governance forum post for voting on workgroup leads and other roles in the NDC. This post is to fall in line with that feedback. Other candidates can feel free to come forward and present their considerations as well.

In the meantime, I pledge to continue to lead and move this initiative forward by reaching out to anyone interested in joining, clarifying direction and needs, and finding folks that want to take action and deliver. Thank you for your feedback.


@blaze :point_up_2:

It looks like people who got reach on nf grants and have never been involved in near community life want to take over an independent decentralized community in their hands.

Mr Cheddar Neko Ponzi President

Is a great person for President of Near Community ?

“”Feed the Ponzi”?

Other questions to NF:

  • Did anybody ask the community before implementing the changes?

  • Do we need the changes?



Unusual bots activity.


Based on my experience working with @Blaze in the community and on a few boards across the ecosystem, I could vouch that Blaze provided a voice of reason and a positive presence on the boards and helped us make decisions that balanced prudence and practicality.

For NDC, I’d like to see a President that knows when to take charge, when to partner, and when to stay out of the way while providing a guiding hand on steering the initiative. I think the best person that I saw coming forward is Blaze. I welcome other candidates to put their hands up and for the community to take time to consider.

For an initiative as complex as this, it takes a village and we need a deep bench with members with complimentary set of skills. Rather than going for A vs not A, it is better to consider what it would take to build a well-rounded leadership team.


Wow, This is wonderful!

My vote is a big YES​:+1:

@johanga @Plufix @chotilal @zubairansari07 Guys, I’m not opposing proposing @Dacha for this election, but before that, you have to understand for what role this voting is ongoing and need to understand more context. I firmly accept that @Dacha is contributing considerably to the communtiy vertical. Still, this election is related to NEAR Digital Collective, where @blaze might be the right person because if you can’t see someone’s contribution in public, which doesn’t mean that the person is inoperable.

@blaze is a person who is active in taking care of the backbone of the NEAR blockchain, which I mean validators vertical. I have known him since 2109 in the NEARverse he helped in validators onboarding by giving Bootcamp and required resources via his Openshards Guild and currently helping in Stakewar3 to onboard chunk-only validators by doing partnerships between Pagoda, Meta Pool, LiNEAR, and, Everstake.

So I’m expecting more background contributions from him for the NEARverse!

Don’t take this personal. Thanks :heart:


Hey @jiten123321 , Since you mentioned me I want to make it clear that I didn’t write anything against @blaze here. I know very well about NDC and the vision & the ‘context’. I only expressed my views with a reason there. Everyone is free to express their views in constructive way right? I don’t think there is something wrong if I wrote if Dacha is interested in making a proposal.

There’s nothing against Blaze or anyone so please refrain adding my name in such context.



Please find a list of my ecosystem contributions with budgets, outcomes and contributions:

In terms of the community. There have been many requests for self-governance in multiple forums posts, governance calls, and in many other forms. Now it is our job as “the community” to move forward together and define the necessary processes, policies, and procedures (Governance model), on-chain voting mechanisms, and treasury management.

Illia first put out the call to formalize this governance model and treasury over a year ago:

In addition to this Illia recently presented an updated version named NEAR Digital Collective at ETHCC: Illia Polosukhin : Designing DAOs for Ecosystem Governance - YouTube

Please review to the signers of the call for participation. These projects, guilds, and groups agreed this initiative was needed and signed the post.

One thing to remember is that the community is much broader than the governance forum. It also lives on Twitter, Discord, Telegram, On-chain, in working groups, individual projects. communities, guilds, and many other forms.

Please consider joining this revolutionary initiative and join us on Discord:


Sure, It is good to express anything because everything is open :peace_symbol: I was expressing my thoughts.

I also want to see all the suitable candidates in this election because it can also help them to remind everyone about their contribution to the Nearverse in the community and collectively.


Thank you @blaze for your candidature. I am supporting you. I don’t know @Dacha unfortunately and I would love to see his/her candidature along with a proposal for the NDC vision, mission and framework of operations.

For too long we have been spinning around in our hamster wheel. This new NDC DAO is an amazing opportunity for NEAR protocol and its ecosystem to being propulsed within the top 5 L1!

It would be a shame to put 100M $NEAR to waste because of selfish/personal/financial interests.

Let’s work together on building a strong value proposition, not only to the NEAR ecosystem but also to the outside world!


On the same page, let’s see every candidate’s contribution and choose the best one who is from the community, for the community, by the community :muscle:

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Hey, I want to see the list of voters, is this possible?

Because I see that there are 15,16 Mambers in the Comment Section and which is repeated again and again…


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I am unable to see who the specific voters are, only the counts. I would encourage everyone voting to place a comment regardless of your support position for transparency.


A lot of people in NEAR have added value in various ways. It’s better to measure what one has done and cast our votes to help move the process forward.

Two ways I can think of measuring the efficacy of the right candidate.

  1. Sharing contributions and their impact in the NEAR ecosystem, not just governance forum.

  2. Laying a plan of action and how the
    presidential candidate sees the community’s growth and direction

Happy to support and lead a path and vision I see bringing value to the wider ecosystem.


And where are the signer’s active participation in the process?

Nobody is involved in the process. It looks like a few people from Near Foundation who already voted Blaze for the President post.


no sorry
I’m against

All this time we lived without a president.
Not all processes were perfect, and some need tweaking.

Before any election, I would like to see the campaign and all the contestants for the position.
And clear requirements for NDC president.

For example, in real life, the president cannot do any business in parallel.
But here our suggestion is that we choose a person who is a co-founder of the project and will obviously be involved there.

Can we first define these requirements?

The president should be from a community not tied to high positions with some experience, even if not the coolest.
The kind of president who is not afraid to constructively criticize the actions of other projects or defend the interests of the community in front of them.


Hey, I believe Blaze will be perfect candidate for leading NDC. He has experience leading great initiative in past too :smiley: I’ve seen some people in comments above doubting his contribution so let me give a brief recap.

  • He worked as Lead for OSA, the guild for validators and as you’re aware validators are responsible for running the network, they can have proper training and ease their onboarding experience with help from OSA. That being said he has a huge contribution to Validator Community!

  • He launched Cheddar, A Loyalty network that’s aims to incentivize use of NEAR dApps and adds additional utility to tokens like $META, $REF, $NEKO with rewarding $CHEDDAR.

Please don’t disrespect him if you’re supporting other candidates and let the community choose.


Cool! Support my idea, I’ve already mentioned it, I can organise it if necessary!


Trove Labs supports @blaze for President!

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Hey, On the contrary, I think a lot of people respect him and also appreciate his Cheddar project.

And I think some people are afraid that it will distract him from developing the Cheddar project.
You do understand that we’re all human, everyone needs a rest, and a whole series of processes, participation in many DAOs will reduce the productivity of the work.

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