NEAR Buidl Day at méxico as invitation!

Hello NEAR Family!

This is an open invitation to any interested person who is in western Mexico to attend NEAR Buidl Day at the Polytechnic University of Nayarit in Mexico. The Open Web Academy team has been working for the last few months to improve the NEAR and Aurora community in Latam, this event is important for the growth of builders and devs in the ecosystem

If you are interested in learning more about Web 3 at NEAR and how to build highly decentralized solutions like BOS, spaces like Build Day are the perfect place for you.

This is the first edition of Build Day in Spanish!

Nayarit is a city close to the Pacific Ocean and only 2 hours from Puerto Vallarta, one of the most important maritime ports in Mexico. Both cities year after year receive large numbers of foreign tourists, so their mobility facilitates access to an endless number of people.

Date:July 17th
Schedule: 8A.M. to 3P.M. UTC-7

NEAR is the BOS

The objective of these face-to-face learning spaces is to show the new technological options of NEAR Protocol such as BOS that allow the decentralization of graphical interfaces powered by on-chain. The focus for this session will be to build widgets for BOS that can be connected to smart contracts in AURORA and NEAR.

Construction Day Schedule

Don’t stop building :mechanical_arm::mechanical_arm:


Great job for expansion of the NEAR/BOS community in Mexico, Keep forward @dokxo96 !

good luck in the activities you do together with the OWA :globe_with_meridians::mechanical_arm:

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