Near bootcamp of the encryptedclan

NEAR Bootcamp Proposal

The notorious EncryptedClan blockchain community is going to implement a 2 day bootcamp in Bayelsa, Nigeria. Our bootcamp is aimed to create awareness about NEAR Protocol while onboarding folks to the local and NEAR Protocol community. Our target is to onboard and engage 200 people.

The EncryptedClan is a multichain network for building and accelerating Rust based projects and communities. We have ties and engineers in several rust blockchains like Solana,Stacks, Cosmos and Near Protocol. We host our own blockchain education hub, a brick and mortar technology center, where we teach Rust and NEAR. We have been awarded grants by Stacks blockchain for our work in the past. We also conducted the education program of Polkadot’s Substrate framework hackathon from Octopus Network.

The Bootcamp: We will host both physical and online engagements. We plan to create participation with incentives and activities in both places. We will offer NFTs, participatory tokens, games, and pizza.

Day 0 :: Before the bootcamp, we will do outreach to spread the word through our social media channels and the Near clan’s social media accounts. We will keep everyone actively informed about the event and encourage them to participate. We plan to hold at least 2 Twitter Spaces with Rust communities like NEAR and others, including Stacks, Polkadot and Solana.

Day 1 :: We begin with interactive talks:

-Web3 space and the perks of the blockchain

-Roadmap from web1 to web3: a history lesson ending with modern scaling like sharding

-Opportunities, features and different layers to the NEAR Protocol ecosystem

-NEAR Protocol wallet activation and NFT distribution: our event NFT is a jr. club membership for InCrypto Encrypted, our local community of coders from different backgrounds

-Pizza must be for the ones who stick around, so we will hold a late lunch

-NFT Web3 raffle Dapp for giveaways (open for more ideas to make the participants interact and also please near blockchain)

-Community puzzle and trivia to end the day

Day 2 :: Interactive Day (less talking, more doing)

-Side events for less skilled/technical learners with small incentives

-Games for participants include a digital scavenger hunt(learn and earn without a dapp, manually rewarded),, chaintyping, PixelParty and others

-Pizza during the day starting at an early lunch, running through the day to support games/trivia/tutorials, Q&A and 1on1

-In the afternoon (target 4pm) we’ll conduct an informal meetup to make sure new members who want to learn more, join, or support the EncryptedClan will discuss the organization with their would-be peers


The POAP series (nontraditional POAP, not all will be the same metadata/media) will be available for mint on our site. This NFT represents community roles in the NEAR clan as a part of our total Rustlang community.

NFT types:

-Developers, dev trainees: developers or eager learners who want to learn in our community because we teach NEAR, Stacks, and Rust

-Artists : NFT/content creators, graphic designers interested in the crypto space, creatives

-Media/content producers: folks who want to create blockchain content continuously in web3

-Advisors : event sponsors, senior engineers, ecosystem leaders, $0-dollar partners

-Investors: supporters for our Rust Blockchain Hub and NEAR Protocol education (please contact)

Past event info:

Videos and pics of our Bitcoin Pizza Day event:

Target 200 attendees, minimum 100 wallet activations
Event sponsors will be printed on local banners and advertisements, and also invited to our Twitter Spaces. We will credit their support and thank them publicly in our presentations (which should include a talk from them if possible)

Expenses Base Budget Ideal Budget
Venue $500 $600
Transportation $100 $150
Decor & tshirt $600 $800
Marketing $250 $550
Auxiliary Entertainment/Promo $300 $800
Giveaways (NFTs/Tokens/Laptop) 4 NEAR NFTs and 1 collab/activity NFT Depends on sponsors
Tools to Rent Base Ideal
Recording Gear $250 $340
Projector $300 $1000
Gaming Equipments $250 $500
Refreshments Base Ideal
Pizza $1200 $1,500
Drinks (soda/water) $400 $600
Catering $500 $650
Grand Total $5,400 $8,390

Sponsorship packages are flexible, but they include:
$0 - advertising co-partnership (small logo/promo)

$1000 - small partnership

$5000 - flagship partnership

Excess funds above the “dream budget” will be used to provide laptops to the team and support electricity costs for the Rust Blockchain Hub. Any surplus over 100% of the dream budget will be frozen before earmarking/assigning.



Stackers Pool:

Octopus Africa AMA (includes NEAR Protocol ambassador Damiloa): Redirecting...



@marketingdao-council this was listed outside proposals and marketing DAO by mistake, but this is in discussion with NEAR Nigeria teammates for further collab, possibly to repeat a bootcamp/HH event in 4 cities. InCryptoEncrypted stated they would like to invite the Joystick team and other NEAR Protocol grant/support recipients, but it’s not appropriate to ask projects to prepare collab/costs before there’s some certainty on the event date.


Great plan! I hope you get the support.

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