NEAR Austin Hacker House 🌵[June 8-12]

Howdy Y’all! We are pleased to announce that NEAR Protocol is in Austin, TX. During June 8–12, we will host NEAR’s second ever Hacker House, right here in our city! It’s time to activate this amazing community and make some Web3 magic with 5 days of panels, workshops, mentorships, events, parties, and more! :tada:

​The NEAR Hacker House in ATX is a weeklong in-real-life event (with digital bounties & activities) from Wednesday June 8 — Sunday June 12 [w/ Co-working + Creation from Sunday June 5th— Tuesday June 7th], with in-person guidance from key industry players in the NEAR ecosystem providing training, mentorship, and acceleration for builders, artists, and marketers. Each night after the Hacker House, there will be an agenda of social and community driven events.

NEAR Hacker House — ATX

The NEAR Hacker House is open to those looking to build projects on NEAR. Sign up to participate in the NEAR HH here and make sure to check your email for more details & to confirm your participation in the coming weeks.

:dart: Objectives

The NEAR Hacker House mission is to:

  • Provide life-changing building experiences
  • Prioritizing collaboration and well-being that sets a catalyst for NEAR Hacker Houses around the world
  • Onboard users, communities, DAOs and projects into the NEAR ecosystem IRL
  • Provide guided developer resources for Rust Developers building on Near and Solidity Developers building on Aurora
  • Funnel engineers from Web2 and other blockchains into NEAR ecosystem
  • Bring teams together (marketing, artists, developers)
  • Support the NEAR Austin ecosystem and local Austin community

:railway_track: Tracks

Every successful project in the Web3 space consists of more than just developers working together. This is why we have divided the tracks into Development, Marketing, and Art categories indicated by [:hammer_and_wrench::mega::art:] , so that those outside of software engineering can get plugged into the industry and each track can focus on their niche.

:hammer_and_wrench: Development

We encourage developers of all backgrounds & skill levels to start building on NEAR — if you are a Front End , Rust, Smart Contract, Game, Backend, or Solidity developer, we have resources, workshops, and office hours for you!

Leading up to the Hacker House, NEAR ATX and ATX DAO are hosting 4 Rust Learning Groups for developer’s using NEAR Protocols tools & resources — May 12th, 19th, 26th, and June 2nd. If you are local and would like to join, read this article for the recap of last week’s session to get caught up.

:art: Art

Austin is full of talented and ambitious creatives! If you are one of them, there is a place for you at the ATX HH. Whether you paint, create digital art, make music, or dance — we will offer mentorships, workshops, and networking opportunities to help kickstart your creative journey in Web3. The carbon-neutral NEAR ecosystem is waiting for you, and the NEAR Hacker House can help you find a team and build a community to support your creative dreams in a sustainable way.

:mega: Marketing

Every project needs marketing to reach the masses. However, we’ve found there is a huge gap between traditional marketing in the Web2 space and the nuanced ways of the Web3 space. This is why will develop a track specifically to teach DAO design, ecosystem practices, business development, and much more for those looking to become more proficient in this side of the industry.

:gift: What’s Included

Aside from building, the NEAR Hacker House emphasizes productivity, wellness, community driven activism, and fun + is free to all participants who get accepted.

  • :desktop_computer: Monitors & Co-working Space
  • :plate_with_cutlery: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Served (Vegan accommodations)
  • :tada: Music & Afterparties
  • :woman_teacher: Free Marketing, NFTs, and Development Workshops with Office Hours
  • :bus: Meetups & Tours of Austin
  • :moneybag: Bounties & Prizes & Access to Grant Capital
  • :tshirt: Merch
  • :movie_camera: Media Exposure

:telescope: The Future of the NEAR HH [HACKER-HOUSE]

The NEAR Hacker House in ATX intends to be part of a broader movement to bring NEAR Hacker Houses around the world to communities that need Web3 the most. After the Miami and Austin Hacker Houses, NEAR aims to host a series of Hacker Houses around the world, with a focus on the following areas:

  • Latin America and the Caribbeans
  • Africa
  • Asia

We are also proud to announce the formation of The HackerHouse DAO powered by Astro DAO to be officially set up during the Hacker House in Miami. Here are the objectives of the DAO:

  • Fostering a decentralized infrastructure to continue to support IRL Hacker Houses
  • Act as a decentralized IRL incubator for artists, developers, and business-facing people to rapidly build projects
  • Support local communities through community driven + humanitarian events coupled with festivals celebrating local culture
  • Building open-source educational curriculum for those in the NEAR ecosystem
  • Create a hub for other protocols and tools to integrate within the NEAR Protocol
  • Provide a network of continued support and resources for projects in the NEAR ecosystem
  • Create meaningful relationships between people in the ecosystem with a emphasis on collaboration & wellness
  • Reinforce and create local NEAR chapters
  • Supplement and work in tangent with NEAR’s digital & global hackathons

Decisions the HackerHouse DAO will be making:

  • Where & When to Add Official NEAR Hacker Houses to the World Tour
  • Giving Funding/Grant Allocations to Other Satellite Hackathons
  • Determining Satellite Events to Fund
  • Winners of Bounties & Prizes
  • Request for Speakers
  • Which Local Community Charities to Support At Events
  • Curriculum & Sponsorship Approval for HH(s)
  • Allocating Grant Allocations to Successful Projects
  • Creation of Sub-DAOs based on changing needs like A HH-InstructorDAO, HH-JudgeDAO and so on

Voting will be based on a Hacker House token that will be awarded to those who have successfully submitted a project during a Hacker House, organized a satellite event, sponsored the event, or facilitated a workshop/lecture.

:handshake: Who’s Helping

The NEAR Hacker House is brought to you by Sponsors, Organizers & Ecosystem partners that will help this weeklong mini hackathon/conference possible. Here is who is helping out so far:

:money_with_wings: Sponsors

NEAR Foundation


Octopus Network

Stealth Capital

Are you looking to officially sponsor the Hackathon? Sign up and setup your meeting with the sponsorship coordinator here .


If you are interested in helping organize this event apply here or hosting a workshop/lecture apply here

:evergreen_tree: Ecosystem Partners

If you are interested in having your organization as an ecosystem partner apply here.

:bell: Keep Up To Date

Stay tuned with all the action and developments around the NEAR Austin Hacker House by tapping in with us across social media. In the coming weeks we will be posting information about our curriculum, schedule, satellite events, and accommodations.



For all resources NEAR Hacker House related @NEARhacksatx | Linktree


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