NEAR Academy training in Spanish - Universidad de la Costa (MX) - NEAR Hispano

Project title: NEAR Academy training and coaching for University of La Costa (Mexico) students and professors - NEAR Hispano Guild
One-liner: On boarding students, professors and graduate students from Universities from Spanish speaking regions
Project DAO: Community Squad SputnikDAO
Series: Bring Developers to NEAR Academy

Project members

  • Claudio Cossio (cacossio.near)
  • Alan Estrada (alan777.near)
  • Cristian Zambrano (cristian.near)
  • Manuel Cancino (jmcpcancino.near)

Payout month
May 2021

NEAR target account

Funding request
120 NEAR

  • 10-30 NEAR to create NEAR wallets for the professors and students
  • 90 NEAR as rewards to be distributed to the instructors and coordinators of the webinars, compensation for slide creation, preparation and coordinating the webinars

Project summary

Onboarding professors and engineering students from Universities can open up opportunities for the new generation of developers and creators to learn what blockchain is and the benefits it brings to our region.

We will do a series of 3 webinars for:

  • Students
  • Professors

OKR’s for the proposal

  • Onboarding members from the Universidad de La Costa in Nayarit,Mexico
  • Help 10-20 students prepare for the NEAR Academy certification
  • Help 4-6 professors and researchers understand the NEAR Protocol


  • Webinars for students, every 7 days - today we did our first webinar which is available in the NEAR Hispano - Youtube channel.
  • Webinars for professors and researchers, every 7 days


  • 14, 21 and 28 of May - onboarding engineering students
  • 19, 26 of May and 2nd of June - onboarding professors and researchers