EiR - NEAR Hispano - Support for NCA Bootcamp, Translation of NEAR University documentation and Blockchain Academy bootcamp for Feb/22

Project title: NEAR University bootcamps - NEAR Hispano and Blockchain Academy. Collaboration on a Syllabus proposal for NEAR Certified Analyst (NCA). Support Spanish speaking NEAR Certified Instructors.

One-liner: NEAR University bootcamps - NEAR Hispano 7th edition, NEAR Certified Professor 2nd edition bootcamp and 2nd edition for NCD bootcamp by Blockchain Academy. Syllabus documentation for Universities in Mexico to adopt the NEAR University initiatives and launch the NEAR Certified Analyst bootcamp in Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas.

Project DAO: NEAR Hispano SputnikDAO

Series: Support NEAR Certified Instructors & Onboarding Universities to NEAR University programs. Support new partners for NEAR University.

Project members

  • Claudio Cossio

Payout month: 2022-01-01T06:00:00Z → 2022-01-31T06:00:00Z

NEAR target accounts: NEAR Hispano DAO


Support the 1st NEAR Certfied Analyst Bootcamp
From: January 24th to February 4th (could be extended to February 11th.

Gitbook - 1st draft:

Note: Still not approved

Support the 3rd NEAR Certified Professor (NCP) bootcamp in NEAR Hispano
From January 17th to 21st 2022.

  • 9 professors enrolled in the bootcamp

Translation of the Nomicon site
Status: Active


  • 1200 words per day translating from English to Spanish
  • Start date: November 30th


Syllabus for other Guilds or Universities to launch the NCD bootcamp in LATAM
We are working to deliver a learning path for educational institutions to implement a NEAR Certification course. Adapt it to their needs and start onboarding their students and staff.

Updated Syllabus:

Partnership with Education Organizations in LatAm
Start giving more exposure to the NEAR University program through partners that expand their education offering to their student and community network.

  • Platzi
  • Blockchain Summit LatAm