NDC Wednesday Pulse


Dear Community,

Every Wednesday, I’ll provide a weekly snapshot about some of the announcements and learnings from the GWG (Governance Working Group) about the NEAR Digital Collective (NDC) for the entire community. This will NOT be a comprehensive, deep dive into everything that is happening, but insights, ideas, and questions for the entire community for a quick update.

As a reminder, the GWG and the NDC are NOT DAOs – we are not even an entity. We are a group of community members from diverse regional, technical and community backgrounds that share a passion for NEAR, and its vast community, and want to further its goal of decentralized self-governance.

Our job is to develop the best possible NDC Governance Framework for YOU ALL to review, explore and eventually vote on – we will not decide, we don’t hold office, see us as a community-led think tank proposing NEAR specific governance frameworks to the community.

Huge thanks to @Ozymandius and @jlwaugh @robert for the hard work on V0-V1. Big thanks to @Cryptonaut for his hard work on the NDC Academy. @mecsbecs and all the mods for Engagement. Big ups to @blaze for being air traffic control! @atrox1382 for moving the Community Trust forward. And ALL those in the community (so many to name) contributing with head and heart.

I’ll report weekly on a variety of viewpoints, and again, I’m just me, trying to share what we’re doing and learning in this adventurous initiative. Let’s start…

1. V0 of the Governance Framework will go live soon! (We call this Gov. Framework “V0”)

Please see HERE for our MEDIUM page that houses our BEGINNERS GUIDE TO V0 – please read and share.

Here’s what is crucial to know about V0: NOTHING IS SET IN STONE. This is the beginning of the great experiment – how we self-govern in the most transparent way possible, and how we move towards decentralization. V0 is where we launch the Community Treasury, indirectly enabling bottom-up funding, which many people have been desperately waiting for.

There is also a very important and lively discussion around the Grassroots DAOs and how they will function in the future of the NDC. There are many important polls this week, and we encourage you to weigh in – now is the time for constructive and serious discussion.

2. NDC BRAND: How we wanna look…

This was a big week for how we look and feel. 3 Brand suggestions were developed by @lex and @MattHussey who lead our Marcomm actions. We are excited by them and think there are some great ideas to choose from. Please vote on the brand suggestions on Near Social! The comments on the side of the images are very helpful to give you the context to make a decision.

Here are your Three Choices:

3. NDC Academy

This is a portal to help us all get educated and up to speed on the NDC will be coming online soon with our new look and feel. The point of the NDC Academy is to make sure we have an organized, interactive way to learn about self-governance and all things NDC. It will be our hub for sharing ideas and community-built resources, and deep dives into decentralization. Utilizing DoDao, NEAR Digital Collective Academy will offer various interactive ways of educating users:

  • Guides: For users who want to learn about a particular topic in 5-10 minutes.
  • Quizzes: For users to complete to demonstrate interest and comprehension, with the intent of receiving a GWG Membership NFT badge.
  • Courses: For users who want to learn about a particular topic in more detail (for later roll-out).

More soon on the launch of NDC Academy!

That’s it for this first NDC Pulse. Please tell us BELOW what you think of these 3 initiatives - Also - What’s on your mind? How can we support your leanings and involvement? What’s something we should keep in mind?

Onward we go – next week more news on the treasury, V1, new partners and more!

Best to you all -


GWG Comms Lead


This is a very important initiative, but I’m not sure if the academy covers the entire ecosystem or just NDC-related subjects and courses. If the NDC Academy is related to the entire ecosystem, I assume there are many projects aimed at educating users about Near, Why don’t you collaborate with them and make improvements? if then else I can’t wait to be the first-hand user

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NDC academy is there to help the community understand the NDC sir.

For the V1 coming in soon, members of the community will need to learn a few things so as to engage properly in the NDC


awesome, I finally got it, and this is going to be helpful for people like me,


That’s great to hear! Thank you for letting me know.

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