NDC Dashboard - Request for Proposal


As governance processes of the Near Digital Collective (NDC) are coming closer to launching we need to create new functionality for users to visualize and interact with the NDC in a simple and yet meaningful way.

We hereby invite the community to submit their proposals to build an “NDC Dashboard” on near.social. The goal of this NDC Dashboard project is to create a foundational layer to help the community find, access, understand, and use the NDC.

What is the NEAR Digital Collective (NDC) and the Governance Working Group (GWG)?

The NDC, originally envisioned by Illia Polosukhin, the co-founder of NEAR Protocol, is now a fully fledged movement led by the NEAR Community. Its goal is to establish a community treasury and governance model that allows the ecosystem to collectively make decisions on everything from funding to elected representatives and more. It’s a significant step towards creating a truly decentralized network.

For the purposes of this proposal, it can be assumed that the NDC will be made up of a number of Sputnik DAOs (or similar), each with a set of Elected Members and a set of Treasury Trustees. The initial list of DAOs can be assumed to be the following:

  • Members voted in by general public vote

    • Council of Advisors

    • Transparency Commission

    • House of Merit

  • Members voted in or assigned by other mechanisms (e.g. AstroDAO)

    • Community Treasury

    • Marketing DAO

    • Developer DAO

    • Creatives DAO

    • Governance Working Group

The GWG is a community-driven initiative to define and technically implement evolving governance models that are proposed and adopted by the NDC to empower pragmatic decentralization over time.

For more information see ndc-overview | wiki

RFP Functional Requirements

The solution should

  • be built on Near Social as a page or widget

  • support an ever-evolving structure of DAOs and SubDAOs

  • allow all community members to read and engage with NDCs active proposals (e.g. upvote, comment, share)

  • allow NDC DAOs’ members to vote on active proposals

  • incorporate a “multi-dao dashboard” functionality, with clickable content that allow users to “drill down” into the various DAOs and their sub-DAOs

  • incorporate a “single-DAO dashboard” functionality, with clickable content that allow users to “drill down” into the various components (e.g. active proposals, past proposals, treasury history, inbound funding history, outbound funding history, outbound funding leaderboard)

  • enable different options depending on the user is a non-member vs. member of a specific DAO (e.g members can create proposals and vote on proposals, non-members cannot)

The solution should support a number of different metrics

  • Treasury metrics graphed over time

    • Total / inflows / outflows

    • Total / allocated / unallocated

    • User can select to show values as USD or NEAR

  • Proposal metrics filtered by time period (e.g. last 7 days / 30 days / 12 months)

    • Total number of proposals created / approved / rejected

    • Number of proposals created / approved / rejected, filtered by type of proposal

    • Approval Rate (approved / rejected / expired)

    • Approval Time

    • Members’ votes breakdown for a given proposal

  • Member metrics

    • Member vote participation across proposals (created / voted yes / voted no / didn’t participate)

    • Most active members (per number of votes)

  • Events feed

    • Proposal status (created, approved, rejected)

    • Payment (allocated / disbursed)

    • Vote (launched / approved / rejected / expired)

    • Member change (added / removed)

The above metrics is a minimum set of metrics applicable for a single-DAO dashboard. Proponents are invited to suggest adding more metrics, and also to suggest which of the above metrics can be summarized on the multi-DAP dashboard.

Proposal Requirements

Please include the following in your proposal

  • Break down deliverables into sequential phases

  • Propose milestones per phase and provide the number of calendar days between each milestone.

  • Propose payment schedule in total or per phase

  • What’s your company name, location, and the point of contact?

  • Could you tell us about your team’s background and track record?

  • How long has your team been working together?

  • How large is your team? How many developers/engineers?

  • What kinds of work/projects do you specialize in? What kinds of work/projects have you worked on in the NEAR ecosystem and/or the Blockchain space?

  • How do you handle QA and testing?

Bidding Process

To bid, please post your proposal as a “Solution” reply to this Idea on near.social and submit your proposal by Monday, March 13, 2023, 16:00 UTC (extended by 2 weeks from the original proposal deadline which was Monday, February 26, 2023, 16:00 UTC.

If you prefer to not post the price publicly, then send it to [neardigitalcollective at gmail dot com]

Link to post on near.social: Near Social

Selection Process

The Governance Working Group will review these proposals and post an Attestation to the various proposals prior to making the selection. ‍ We may also select a runner-up in case the primary bidder does not pass KYC.

Evaluation criteria may include

  • Solution architecture

  • Team’s Technical Capabilities, completeness

  • Team’s experience.

  • Project approach (including post-go-live maintenance)

  • Total price

  • Timeline

  • Customer success practices

The GWG should either be consulted as part of the design of the dashboards, and/or reserves the right to approve the designs.

Funding Process

GWG selects the team, determines funding, and supervises the funding distribution process in accordance with the team meeting all requirements. Please note that the chosen team will need to go through KYC to receive funding allocation.


Update: The GWG has extended this RFP by 2 weeks.
The updated deadline to submit proposals is Monday, March 13, 2023, 16:00 UTC.

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