NDC Community Pulse: March 8, 2023

Nobody has access to the chats. Maybe only some people.

Happy to try to upload screen shots.

Here are screenshots from the TG NDC Governance Working Group of over 300+ people and NDC Champions Group:

If they walk like ducks, quack like ducks, but the political messaging tells us they are definitely not ducks…

Ok thanks. The first link was eddited by you.

So, could you please give answers on rest questions:

Yes, the first link for the Q4 bounties was created by me as requested. Glad it opened.

Yes about your questions, when I am given the go-ahead to release – which should be next week – I will post here.

Have a good weekend.

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I can confirm I was invited to a ‘closed’ group that was trying to accelerate the NDC process.

I eventually left and can’t give more information on what was decided or not decided in that group or in others like it, but I believe this info alone helps the community understand the ‘mixed’ policies used to launch and accelerate the NDC.

It is fairer to say that it was a mix of community calls (open) and closed groups. Honesty is better than the opposite :slight_smile:

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Im not sure this question makes sense, perhaps it’s just me, looks incomplete as a sentence.