NCD content map

The NF Education Team wanted to share our thoughts regarding upcoming content and knowledge mapping for the NCD courses.

Some things to note:

  1. We will try to share this in a more interactive way periodically (as we incorporate feedback and add new changes), for now please see the attached pdf.

  2. The topics are spread out across categories and difficulty levels and sorted from top to bottom in the order in which they should be taught.

  3. Topics like indexers and oracles appear multiple times as we think that even at the start of the learning journey could use existing indexers and oracles, but building one’s own will take more knowledge and practice.
    As we learn more about what the Pagoda team is building and releasing, we will add these to the map.

  4. If you’ve done NCD in the past and/or are familiar with NEAR, please share with us any feedback regarding missing topics, and accurate placement based on category and difficulty. You can share feedback directly here, or feel free to email us at

As a reminder the current NCD courses (including the new JS specific course) are now self-paced and can be found here.

ncd_content_map.pdf (91.6 KB)


This is something in what community needs to get involved, is very important for the ecosystem development.

In a recent call I mentioned that should be some specific content related to frontend integration, so people could handled that part.

I can tag @luzmargaritas @irvingcong @JoseCanales99 @andresdom who had participated actively in educational tasks for NEAR Hispano community to add their comments.


Hello yes, Frontend is very important and maybe learn how to write smart contract using Javascript with Pagoda.

Also for newcomers to understand the basic differences between storing data on the Blockchain compared to a database, it can be confusing at first.


Experience from past Bootcamps indicates that for participants to persevere in their training they need: 1) clarity on the path; 2) Updated courses with current topics.
Without leaving aside that they are trained instructors with experience in the protocols of the Web3


I Also think is important to create a complete content for the indexer, how to create it, how to query using Graphql, and how to build a metadata.


The understanding of storage is very important, as a developer we must know how much a contract can consume when it grows or performs multiple transactions.

Additionally regarding the teachings associated with staking and tokenomics. We know that all these topics can not be seen in a week but maybe a 3 level NCD