MotionDAO | November 2021 Report

These are the highlights of MotionDAO process from November:
Updated Flow Mapping for MotionDAO
![MotionDAO Flow (2)|653x500](upload://3Dlv5SYSl7EGxTCVd3UI21L8dCs.jpeg

These are the highlights of MotionDAO process from November:

  • We have two new members: Casey Herd (Holland) and Sammy Chien (Canada).
  • We have two complex and important sessions with Token Engineering expert Sebnem Rusitschka on Token Economy and MotionDAO. We did a harvesting activity to define individual and collective motivations. Such data will be gathered in a document in December. Here are some screenshots of the sessions Nov 14th and Nov 28th. A fee of 50 Near was allocated for Sebnem.

  • We are so honored to have supported onboarding and networking activities from Platohedro (Colombia) generated lots of interest in the local art and technology community of Medellin. See PlatoHedro report here.

Video of one of the online Events focused in Women in Blockchain in Latinamerica and Spain


Motion-DAO’s November sessions were very helpful. Lenara and Sebnem participations were amazing, getting to know more and more about NEAR and DAO.
I love the spirit and enthusiasm of our Motion-DAO community. It might spread throughout our local communities as well since we are in very different physical locations (at least 5 countries).
Looking forward to share what we learn in the art-science and dance communities in France.


I was so fortunate to be welcomed by the MotionDAO team. Even though I’m still catching up on all the amazing work that the team has been working on, I have to say that it’s really been a while for me to feel this much excitement and joy, to finally dive into such meaningful and deep intersections of art, technology, economy, creative social-change and spirituality. It is unreal to find a group like this. I had a intuition that came to me “I’ve found a new family!” an online, global, dissolving geographic, language, nation and socio-economic barriers kind of new home.

I look forward to learn more from the group, our collective discoveries and contribute as much as I can to fuel this immensely innovative, loving, kind and creative force that really can feel the impact actualizing into actions and manifesting into new realities.