[APPROVED] MotionDAO: More Labs and Project in Colombia (Augmented) November 2021 Request

Hello all,
I am very happy with what we have accomplished in September and October 2021, deploying 4 workshops and more that 12 hours of mentoring and creative exploration of the NEAR crypto space.
October Report
September 2021 Report
As a result of the 4 workshop sessions and the mentoring, we have consolidated a group of 7 committed artists/researchers and cultural workers from USA. Colombia, Venezuela, France, Germany and Belgium. All the participants are generating Near related projects and interventions in their local and connected contexts and are active members as a core group of the MotionDAO.
We have planed 4 session but we realized by doing, that a series of 8 sessions would be ideal for investigating the important nodes of the Near Ecosystem.

So, we are requesting funds to continue the research with the following 2 framework:
We will conclude the prototype of the MotionDAO Labs as 8 modules exploring the following topics:
November: Two sessions: Defi and Token Design. (12th and 28th of November)
December: Two sessions: DAOs and MotionDAOVision/Mission. ( 12th and 19th of December)
With this support we will have a prototype for a series of workshops that will cover the most important aspects and opportunities of the ecosystem. It will be a series of 8 modules dedicated to:

  • Introduction to the blockchain and entering the ecosystem.
  • Near Navigation: Wallets, exchanges, staking, remittances, validation and delegation.
  • NFT Part 1
  • NFT Part 2
    In November 2021:
  • Token Creation and Design. Nov 14th
  • DeFi Decentralized Finances Nov 28th
    In December 2021:
  • DAOs Dec 12th
  • MotionDAO Dec 19
    The workshops will be coordinated and facilitated by Marlon Barrios Solano (we may have a guest lecturer on DeFi)

Participants need to join www.dance-tech.net and the group for the workshop
Sessions Duration: 90 minutes.

November 2021 Budget:

1.- 60$ for each participant x 7 participants ( = 420$ X 2 session =
**840$ **

2.- R&D/protocol and platform fees for workshops:
750 $

3.- Media preparation and facilitation of 2 sessions:
300$ Near each session x 2 sessions =
600 $

4.- **3 hours or mentoring sessions: 80$ each hour = **

2430 $

A proposal presented by PlatoBoss from PlatoHedro as part of the MotionDAO network.
See Proposal detailed budget here
Total for this support is $2300.

433.15 Near
The value of Near is 10.92$ November 3rd 2021.
Info form Neat wallet.

DAO target:

Recordings of the 2 sessions and participants projects will be shared in all dance-tech platforms and here.

NOTE: your support has been crucial for the MotionDAO Project and this network; probably the first artist network adopting a cryptocurrency and creating its own token.
I will be presenting the project in this venues as a guest artist:

The university of Buenos Aires is interested in the all the labs to be facilitated in Spanish and I will be artists in residency at York University in Spring 2022.

Thank you so much,
In motion,

Anything else the Creatives DAO Council should know?

The value of Near is 10.92$ November 3rd 2021.
Info form Neat wallet.


Very cool. Which York University specifically?


York University in Toronto Canada


Looks good to me! I’ve spent a lot of time at York U, so looking forward to next year as well :slight_smile:


Very cool, looks like we may meet up irl soooooon then!


It’s really exciting to see how you’ve grown with these sessions in such a short period of time @marlonbarriossolano!

We’ve created a MotionDAO subcategory for you under the Creatives category - in addition to the ‘motion-dao’ tag - to help you better organize and reference your posts. Let me know if you want any edits to the ‘About’ but bear in mind it has limited characters.


Great, Thank you, I think is clear!
I read a question that you had in another post and now I don’t find it.
The group started with 8 and consolidated in 7.
Most of them are disseminating information and resources in their local contexts. One notable case is Platohedro in Colombia and we will be supporting trainings via MotionDAO. Alexander adjusting his proposal and we had discussed some of the ideas about activities fo November. I have sent some of the recordings to the network.
In December and January is when we will be launching a more massive approach to engage the network members.
Screen Shot 2021-11-03 at 7.13.49 PM
A very important insight is that we now will have Near Token as our official first Cryptocurrency.
This image is how it is appearing in our profiles: all the members of this group have added the Near wallet to their profiles. I would like to do a massive airdrop for dance-tech.net members to open Near wallets and place their key in the profile. We will have some special guests in December to invite them to recirculate the tokens.

I am also in conversations with the director of an important European network of dance Festivals and he is very interested. We are scheduling a presentation with members of the network for mid December.
Lets keep in touch,


Hello! Happy to say the proposal was approved. Fell free to ask the $4730 on our astrodao! Happy november. :grinning: :grinning:

super cool!
ok, that means that we need to open another DAO in astroDao (we have one in Sputnik)?
let me know.
awesome!!I I added a process map to our proposal to be able to visualize the flow!!!
So cool!
Thank you!

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The creatives dao are already on astrodao, but you still can ask money to your sputnikdao account. And you can ask the money and then change to astro.

However, we’re trying to get every dao to make the migration. Astrodao has a lot of cool new features that will make everyone’s life easier (one example is the use of stablecoins and different tokens).

Next monday, on our community call (check TG), we’ll go over the migration, with live examples and instructions (it’s quite easy to do, though) so that everyone feels confortable with it.

If you need any help, in the meanwhile, please say so!


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