Monthly report from NERG JAN-2021(China)


We are from NERG (NEAR Economic Research Guild), budling a wechat group called ETH2NEAR and a Wechat public account named ethyuan.

In January,we:

1, Write one and Published two articles
1) Write: DeFi空投很疯狂: NEAR空投已在路上,1106 views.
2) Published:Berryclub挖矿教程:NEAR Protocol首款集Swap,NFT,DeFi应用,557 views.

2,User growth 10+members of ETH2NEAR and 100+ of ethyuan.

The next Month’s to do list :

  1. Write 2 blogs about Bridge/EVM

  2. find 3 NERG probationary researchersand 1 full member researcher.

  3. increase 20 active members of ETH2NEAR.

  4. Cooperate with other Guild such as Berryclub chinese guild.

NERG’s mission is to Let people benefit from the openweb digital economy.


Nice! I love the name- NERG :slight_smile: :zap:

I like the broad mission as this really enables people to think about the creator economy. The way we get widespread adoption is by conveying the idea of a digital economy to people- get them started with a berry club, Paras etc and slowly have them join the ecosytem.

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yes! as CZ said : ETH is a network for the rich guys now, NEAR is Is the most accessible way for the people to join the open digital economy,and the most efficient platform for developers and creators to create valuable things and open the web,slowly but surely。