Berryclub chinese guild monthly report 25-FEB-2021

The main work report of Berryclub Chinese guild in February is as follows:

  1. The number of followers on the Berryclub chinese guild official account (chain assets) exceeded 400. The number of Twitter followers exceeded 140, and the number of WeChat groups exceeded 100.
  2. As the official group manager of NEAR, responsible for maintaining the group on Tuesday.
  3. Continue to promote the ecological projects near NEAR, guide new users including but not limited to wallet creation, and guide new users to participate in,
  4. Create DAO, berryclub.sputnikdao.near, to encourage and guide new users to participate in community DAO governance.
  5. I am very happy that the number of users of and has broken through new highs. This is due to Angela’s leadership and teamwork. The New Year’s activities have achieved results. We made a detailed plan

A, First week of the month, a plan is made, and then the plan is implemented around the plan.
Cooperate with NEAR Chinese community to push the lunar21 event to a climax.
B, The second week of the month, Promote the registration and use of NEAR wallet on WeChat official account and Twitter,
purchase and collect NFT works on

WeChat official account received 105 wallet addresses and Twitter received 60 wallet addresses. At present, some member addresses cannot receive airdrops (including ether wallets, unfinished addresses).

C, Third week of the month, we make NFTs and transferred this NFT to the 195 participants of the Lunar 21 event. Thanks to NEAR’s lightning transfer and low GAS, it only took more than 40 minutes and less than 0.2N manually.

D. In the last week of February, we will collaborate with local artists. The artist will produce ink paintings of fingers and palms of NEAR’s logo, which will push the entire event to a climax. To this end, we made a proposal at yolo.sputnikdao.near.