Near Economy Research Guild monthly report-May 22, 2021

Month: 5/2021

Guild Name: Near Economy Research (based in HongKong )

Monthly Highlights:

  • REF China community building, 423 members by now
  • JusDAO KCL searching, FEI protocol community is on the way to initialed a DAO on sputnik DAO
  • Help Hakuna Matata community building with REF
  • Promote of Aurora with HAK airdropping
  • Participate in Near Open Web Community Hackathon.

Video Content: (NA)

Blog Post:


About Near Economy Research Guild

Near Economy Research (NER)Guild baked by Near protocol and ETHyuan, NER guild’s mission is to let people benefit from digital creator economy of the openweb.

ETHyuan is an Ethereum ecology research organization headquartered in Hong Kong. We focus on Ethereum Scaling Solutions, such as layer 2, especily NEAR Protocol, and other Ethereum-based applications such as DeFi and NFT.

ETHyuan have published more than 30 articles on WeChat Official Account named ETHyuan in Chinese.

JusDAO is a NEAR protocol DeFi community development organization leading by NER.


This sounds great @jack

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Hi @jack , happy to see your report this month! Would love to hear more about your team activities when we hop on a call next week. The team is just going through all the reward calculations and reach out soon. :slight_smile:

@jcatnear OK, DM you.