Metaverse DAO stops its activities for indeterminate time

First of all, we want to thank NEAR Foundation and the Creatives DAO for funding our activities for so much time. We hope we could bring visibility to NEAR blockchain and to all NEAR Creatives. We also hope we could build an everlasting archive with Creatives memories on Metaverse.

We recorded meta-events created by NEAR, we built tutorials of many kinds, 3d objects, 3d buildings, we made interviews with important people, we hosted exhibitions of NEAR Creatives, we made prizes and awards to stimulate interest of new artists in the blockchain, we created a magazine and many other activities. Our metaverse focus also stimulated some DAOs to create their own meta-spaces and our parties and exhibitions with other DAOs could help many of them to acquire new members.

Nevertheless, with the lack of funding, our own members started to build other projects inside web3, and it became impossible to keep the DAO working. So we are stoping our collective activities for an indeterminate amount of time and the members decided to build individually.

In order to not disrupt the Creatives Council votings, we are also requesting to leave the Creatives Council.

The treasure will be split among the members according to the % of their votes. At least, the minimum amount of NEAR + 1 NEAR will be kept in the treasure, in case Metaverse DAO gets active again.

In case you want to know the store where we recorded near metaverse activity and our products as NFTs, please visit:

At least 1 NFT from each event, magazine, award etc is stored in the DAO’s astrodao wallet, and we will keep these NFTs in this wallet, given we want to keep these recordings forever, even if Metaverse DAO is not active. This is of historical importance, and it can be researched for future historians and other academics.

You can also check our youtube channel, where many important tutorial, interviews, and other videos were posted:

See you on the blockchain, Near Community!


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What a bummer. best of luck with your next journey


I am disappointed too… Thank u for your kind wishes.
Best of luck for all of us!
See you on web3, @Bakaka!

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