Meta Pool Ambassador Activity Report Octuber 2023

I collaborated in promoting and participating with the Meta Pool community through various initiatives during the month of October. Here is a summary of the activities and their outcomes:

  1. Twitter Spaces:
  • XSpace | Espacio Cripto con Meta Pool (Thursday, October 5th, 18:00 – 19:00)

  • DAOs: Impulsando el Cambio Social (Meta Pool x Refi)

  • Beneficios del Staking en el Mundo Cripto (Thursday, October 19th, 15:00 – 16:00)

    These Twitter Spaces provided a platform for in-depth discussions about Meta Pool and related topics. Attendees gained valuable insights into the world of cryptocurrencies, DAOs, and staking.

  1. Medium Articles:

    • I authored three detailed Medium articles that summarized the discussions and insights from the Twitter Spaces. These articles served as a valuable resource for those who couldn’t attend the live events.
  2. Twitter Engagement:

    • A tweet promoting the the content of Twitter Spaces reached an impressive 1.2k views, received 24 retweets, and garnered 27 likes. This level of engagement indicates a strong interest in the topics discussed.

Upcoming Twitter Spaces scheduled for the next month, closed in October:

  • 7th November, 01:30 UTC: CryptoBlockPeru (Host) x Meta Pool
  • 8th November, 22:00 UTC: Criptodemia (Host) x Meta Pool
  • 13th November, 00:00 UTC: FEMTECH (Host) x Meta Pool

These upcoming Twitter Spaces have the potential to further expand Meta Pool’s reach and engage with new audiences.

Pending Confirmation and Date:

  • Polkadot en Español
  • Territorio Blockchain
  • SEED Latam
  • BlockchainColombia

The confirmation of these spaces is pending, and once confirmed, they will provide additional opportunities for outreach and engagement.

Overall, the initiatives undertaken in October have contributed significantly to Meta Pool’s visibility and engagement within the cryptocurrency community. Further activities and engagements are planned for the coming month to continue this positive momentum.