Meta Pool Ambassador Activity Report September 2023

During the month of September 2023, I carried out a series of activities related to promoting voting in the local community, collaborated in organizing an event with a key influencer in the crypto space, and provided advisory services in the cryptocurrency market. Below are the main actions taken:

  1. Promotion of Voting in the NDC Elections:
    I collaborated in encouraging the importance of voting in the local community during the NDC elections. As a result of our efforts, we achieved the participation confirmation of 25 people in this important civic celebration.

  2. Event with Mad Cripto:
    In collaboration with Mad Cripto, the most prominent Mexican influencer in the web 3 space, we organized an event that had real-time participation from 130 people and garnered nearly 2,000 online views. This event was a success in promoting and disseminating relevant information in the world of cryptocurrencies.

  3. Participation in Twitter Spaces:
    I actively joined various Twitter Spaces related to Meta Pool and engaged with the brand by listening and sharing. These engagements as a listener helped expand the visibility of their projects and connect with the community.

  4. Advisory Services:
    I offered specialized advisory services in the cryptocurrency market, conducting the following activities:

    • Market Analysis: I conducted an analysis of the crypto market to identify untapped opportunities and emerging trends. These insights could serve as a foundation for defining effective strategies in the future.
    • Identification of Strategic Partners: I began mapping and identifying potential partners who could complement or contribute to Meta Pool.

In summary, during the month of September, a significant impact was achieved in promoting voting, strengthening presence in the crypto space through engagements with influencers, active participation in Twitter Spaces as a listener, and providing advisory services.

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