[May Monthly Report] Multi-Token Standard (NEP-245)

Project title: Multi-Token Standard (NEP-245)

One-liner: Co-authorship and reference implementation of NEP-245, a Multi-Token standard interface.

Project Summary: A standard interface for a multi-token contract that supports fungible, semi-fungible, non-fungible, and tokens of any type, all on a single contract.

Series: Onboarding NEAR Certified Developer bootcamp participants to Developers in Residence program

Project members

Jesse Riemann (@jriemann on github)


May 1 → May 30, 2022 (Canada).

The following list are the results obtained for the team:

  • NEP-245 proposal merged, in review status.
  • NEP-245 reference implementation (5k+ LOC, accurate to the spec and in PR).

The code with the progress of the project is viewable at the following link: NEP-245 Implementation PR into near-sdk-rs