Marketing vs. Business Development

When we were running the Gen C Marketing Conference we were able to see what a lot of NEAR and Web3 projects were doing for marketing.

We believe that more NEAR projects should be prioritizing business development over marketing.

What is Marketing?

Marketing focuses on blasting out your value proposition to a large number of people and receiving inbound users.

Marketing works best for consumer products that have many types of users.

What is Business Development?

Business Development focuses on specific business deals such as outreach and partnerships to either reach out to potential users from in-bound or out-bound.

Business Development typically works best for B2B startups at early stages.

We believe that a lot of the NEAR projects should be focusing on B2B business development through sales and partnerships instead of general marketing.


Interesting insight, why do you think this is?

Aren’t most projects B2C?

Well, I do not agree with this approach, I think that not paying attention to traditional methods denotes a bad strategy of massification of the product, service or project. Traditional social networks cover millions of communities and subscribers, who could deny the reach of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram among others…

Even the older methods of communication and marketing still work today; Even after the pandemic, “The New York Times” achieved more than 7 million readers through its website and one million readers in the traditional newspaper. On the contrary to what has been stated, it is recommended that more financing be supported for traditional marketing! :face_with_monocle:


Hey David! These were the thoughts from a lot of people on our team - but generally IMO

B2B = Business Development

B2C = Marketing

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Hey @Nicolasp2!

So this was a brief post on business development vs. marketing.

I have to disagree with you because the amount of effort that is put into a specific marketing channel is a lot. Most NEAR projects are startups and need to focus on the 1-3 channels that make up 80% of the results.

The Bullseye Strategy by Gabrielle Weinberg and Justin Mares, is IMO the best marketing strategy around

You can read a summary about it here: Marketing Case Study: Choosing the Traction Channels to Test at Palazzo Interiors | by Sander Gansen | Millennial thoughts on business & technology | Medium

Thanks for the information.