[March] Tamago Project: looking for UX developer

Hey Sandboxers and Nearians,

I am happy to share with you the new opportunity for developers. We are helping Tamago to find a perfect candidate for their Team.

Tamago is a completely decentralized music streaming protocol built on the Near public blockchain. Tamago is a new type of music project as it offers Artists higher revenue including the ability to set their own revenue per stream in comparison with other services like Spotify.

Tamago’s mission is to cut out the intermediary through decentralization and community power acting purely as an open gateway between the music and the listeners. Tamago will provide a fair-play distribution system governed by artists and fans to get paid directly from their fans.

We are looking for a passionate music person with a background in blockchain projects.

Responsibilities and qualifications:

  • UX developer will work with the lead dev and design to implement and build upcoming design features and testing for the Tamago music app.
  • We expect that he will be able to coordinate with backend on telegram channels and have experience with git-flow.
  • Tech stack includes being proficient with react, tailwind, and wavesurfer on the front end.

Reward: 600 USD

Please fill in the form to apply Project Application Form

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@AnaNastya I’ve applied already, hope to hold an interview soon :blush:

Hello Ana, hope you’re doing well

Sounds great, can you share the description of this job opportunity please? And can you tell me about the salary range you have budgeted for this role?

Have a great day,

Hi Juan,
You can find the description of the tasks above, the details will be discussed with the Tamago team during an interview
The reward is 600 USD for part-time, 10 hours/week

In case if you would like to proceed with interview, please fill in the form

@kharioki Hey, thank you for your collaboration. The reward 600 USD is approved

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@kharioki Hey Antony, your reward 600 USD is approved