[March] Harmonic Technology Guild: join as Researcher/Sales Support Agent

Hi Sandboxers and Nearians,

Hope you all are safe and nice.

I want to invite you to the collaboration with Harmonic Guild. The Guild provides services in the development of technical solutions for Web3. The Harmonic Technology Guild is growing rapidly, and onboarding new professionals.

The Guild is looking for a Researcher/Sales Support Agent.


  • Researching projects in the Near economy
  • Networking with Nearians
  • Coordinating NFT marketplace and other technical services sales
  • Organizing and maintaining our emerging sales regime
  • Setting sales strategy
  • Helping to define project and compensation terms

Some corporate analysis, sales, or business research skills are preferred. Computer science background not required. A strong passion for Web3 and democratic ways of working is essential.

Reward: 400 USD

Please apply through the application form Project Application Form

Please be passionate, the reply to your application can take a couple of days



@Sysh Hey, thank you for your contribution
As we started collaborating from 13/03, half of the monthly reward - 200 USD is approved

Hello Ana! Thank you so much for the opportunity!

@Sysh Hi, thank you for your contribution
The reward 400 USD is approved

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